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Termination boxes and FTTH holders

Termination boxes and FTTH holders
In the Fiber To The Home application in the apartment, the optical cabling is terminated in a termination box (i.e. distribution box) or a FTTH holder. 

The termination box (enclosure) contains at least four fiber optic cables per apartment. The most common is the termination box for four SC adapters with a protective lid and the bending radius of the fiber optic pigtails considered whilst handling the cable. Empty enclosures are supplied without adapters.

Termination boxes are available in both plastic and metallic construction. The plastic enclosures with lids are best suited for surface mounting, metal FTTH holder for installation in home distributor. In the metal Orbis FTTH holder, the connectors are installed at a slight angle to make measuring easier. 

Orbis outdoor termination boxes are used for protecting optical fibers when terminating backbone cabling at the connection point in detached houses. Boxes are available in different sizes. The protection classes of the outdoor boxes range from IP54 to IP65, and the boxes are supplied with installation accessories. For detached house installations, either a cover or a screw-on model is available.

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