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Soundproof cabinet

USystems Äänieristetty palvelinkaappiSoundproof UCoustic server cabinet works as an independent data center. It allows rack-mounted active devices to be brought in to the office, reception or testing facilities where no noise is desired.

The cabinet effectively attenuates equipment noise and provides adequate air circulation.

The cabinet can be equipped with a comprehensive locking system, alarms and camera surveillance, and it can be elegantly camouflaged to fit any interior.

The cabinet is available in three different rack sizes as active or passive units. In the active unit, air circulation is assisted by fans installed in the cabinet. In the passive unit, air circulation is managed by the fans of the active devices.

USystems Äänieristetty palvelinkaappi

Soundproof server cabinet for 19” rack-mounted active devices:

  • Noise reduction 31 dBA
  • Up to 12 kW cooling capacity
  • Comprehensive locking options
  • Remote control and monitoring options
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Aktive unit Passive unit
Space for devices 12U 24U 42U 12U 24U 42U
External height 620 mm 1152 mm 1954 mm 620 mm 1152 mm 1954 mm
Cabinet weight 133 kg 194 kg 313 kg 124,5 kg 181,5 kg 290 kg
Floor footprint with doors (w x d) 780 x 1210 mm
ENERGY AND ATTENUATION Aktive unit Passive unit
Maximum heat load 12kW 12kW 12kW 1,75kW 2,25kW 2,75kW
Maximum attenuation performance 31dBA

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