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Raised access floors for data centers


The raised floor, also known as the access floor, allows cabling and piping to be hidden under the floor in the data center. The access floor is suitable for both new and old sites. The height of the floor is adjusted with the pedestals and there are various support structures available for the floor.

Airflow management

Access floors also provide a great air channel when it comes to separating hot and cold air in a data center for improved energy efficiency. Most data centers use an access floor. 

The most commonly used panel types are calcium sulfate and chip board. Both panels are lightweight yet stiff. Chip board panel is a little lighter and cheaper, while calcium sulfate panel has better load-bearing capacity, fire resistance and acoustic properties.

The third commonly used panel type is perforated panel that controls the direction of airflow. It is usually made of metal and is available with standard perforation or with adjustable opening. 

Orbis’ access floors are of high quality and durable. You can select from different load bearing options, from 1 kN/m2 up to 40 kN/m2 ultimate load. The standard panel size is 600 x 600 mm and the floor height is freely selectable. 

There is a wide variety of pedestals, panel and cover material options as well as accessories available for the access floors. Design files (BIM) are available for the floors.

Watch a video on the access floor installation

Main benefits

  • Improved usability, reconfigurability and airflow management
  • High-quality, durable products 
  • Wide selection of different pedestals, panels and cover materials (including materials to reduce static electricity)
  • Wide selection of accessories, e.g. stairs, railings, ramps

Technical specifications

    • Standard panel size: 600 x 600 mm
    • Floor heights freely selectable 
    • Load capacity: ultimate load up to 40 kN/m2, point load from 2 to 6 kN
    • Most common panel materials: calcium sulfate, chip board, perforated metal. Perforated metal panels with standard perforation or with adjustable opening