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Polatis optical switch

Polatis provides all-optical network switches. The automatising of fiber connections enables flexible and fast changes in the network and reduces human errors. This innovative technology enables improved capacity utilisation in data centers and advanced data management in large telecommunication networks.

Totally fiber optic switch does not transform signals like an electronic switch. Signals are directed optically and on much higher performance level. Polatis products are the next step towards totally software managed networks (SDN environments). Typical applications for all optical switches are fiber layer configuratibility, grouped protection switching and tap aggregations for traffic monitoring.

At the core of Polatis optical switches is a patented DirectLight beam-steering technology that makes connections using compact piezoelectric actuators to align collimated beams of light from opposing arrays of input and output fibers with minimal loss, distortion or interference between paths. Alignment is maintained using feedback from integrated position sensors to ensure connection stability over time, temperature and external disturbances. Switching occurs completely independently of the power level, color or direction of light on the path, enabling pre-provisioning of dark fiber and avoiding concatenation of switching delays across mesh or multi-stage switched optical networks. Due to the fact that these devices are critical components on a network they are fully redundant (e.g. power supply).

Polatis optical switches include no mirrors, so insertion loss is at maximum only 1,5dB. Switches are available in sizes from 4x4 to 384x384. All connector types are possible, most used are LC and MTP12.

Huber+Suhner’s Polatis optical switches are now available in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from Orbis Oy.

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