Devices in server racks need organized, untroubled power distribution. PDU’s are used to supply power for individual devices inside the server rack. Server racks can have multiple power supplies. For example, PDUs on the left side of the rack may receive power from UPS1 system and PDU’s on the right from UPS2 system.

PDU’s are available with various features depending entirely on your needs. Our range includes both the horizontal and vertical models. Basic PDU’s are sufficient to cover simple common needs. For more advanced use, e.g., for monitoring devices individually, there are smart and remotely managed models available. PDU’s can also be used to cold-start network devices remotely. In all situations, the PDU is a very critical component that must be of high quality.

Power cords also from Orbis

Orbis also supplies the most commonly used IEC320 standard power cords that are used to connect rack-mounted active devices to mains power via PDU. Basic, black power cords are immediately available from our stock. Special colors, lengths and lockable models are available on request. 

Basic PDU’s

  • Horizontal/vertical models
  • Plug type options: IEC C13, C19 or Schuko
  • 1-phase or 3-phase supply, power per phase typically 16 or 32 amps