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Patch cords

Patch cordsFiber optic patch cords are fiber optic cables of a certain length with UPC or APC polished connectors at both ends.

Patch cords are used in indoor applications such as cross connect distribution centers and data centers. More demanding conditions – in e.g. industrial applications and base stations – require moisture- and UV-resistant patch cords called fiber optic jumpers. 

Uniboot for high density applications

The new innovative Uniboot connector allows for higher fiber density in data centers. Cables of 2 mm or 3 mm in diameter have two optical fibers, which save space compared to a standard duplex patch cord. The Uniboot connector is also available with a longer locking latch, which makes handling easier in tight panels and connections. 

LC-XD Uniboot patch cords are suitable for both standard LC duplex adapters and mini-size LC duplex adapters.

Most common patch cords immediately from stock

In our product range you can find both single mode (OS2) and multi-mode fibers (OM3, OM4, OM5). Patch cords have SC or LC connectors with the option of APC or UPC polishing. Also, other connectors such as FC, ST or MTP are available, if needed.

The cable types are simplex and duplex and lengths are 0,25–50 m. The duplex cable is usually 8-figure, but 0-figure versions are also available. If necessary, the polarity of the patch cords can be switched.

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