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Orbis OptoMast Power

A humble power distribution box can make a world of difference – in terms of ease of installation, flexibility and long-term quality. OptoMast™ Power is pac-ked with clever details that you will grow to appreciate. Power to the antenna PTTA, is an application for power supply from the base station up to the Radio Remote Unit (RRU) on the top of the mast. Usually PTTA is installed together with the cabling of Fiber to the Antenna FTTA. With Orbis OptoMast™ PTTA so-lution, the future base station upgrades or repairs are just a matter of changing a jumper cable, which means less cabling and faster installation.

All OptoMast™ products can be mounted on a mast or on a wall of a building. OptoMast™ Powers are by default winded so that the connection box comes from the reel first.


  • Generic solution, freedom of choice between OEMs
  • For DC power supply
  • For 1–6 devices
  • Number of power wires: 6
  • Feeder cable size: 6 mm2, 10 mm2 or 16 mm2
  • Quick to install and reliable push-in connector for feeder cable
  • CPR class of the cable is Eca
  • Weatherproof IP65 class box for connections
  • The lid that doesn’t fly off and screws that won’t fall off
  • Quick lock worm-wheel mounting clamps for pole installation
  • Delivered on durable plywood reel• Complete ready-to-install package
  • Customized variations on request, e.g. over voltage protection (OVP)

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