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OptoMast™ – Fiber Optic Solutions

Orbis OptoMast Fiber To The Antenna

Fiber to the antenna, FTTA, is a mobile network application where data is transferred from the base station up to the Radio Remote Unit (RRU) via a fiber optic cable. Low loss in the signal is the key feature of the optical data transfer for the high frequency technologies, such as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. The FTTA system requires only one fee-der line, so the less cabling, the faster the installation.

All OptoMast™ products can be mounted on a mast or on a wall of a building. The reeling direction can be selected according to the application to facilitate installation. OptoMasts are by default winded so that the connection box comes from the reel first. This makes it easy to pull the box up to the mast first. In a building application, it is easier if the free end of the cable can be pulled through the cable entries first and the box comes from the reel last. Some products are available pre-as-sembled with a fiber optic patch panel or the panel can also be ordered separately.


  • Generic solution, freedom of choice between OEMs
  • Single mode OS2 and LC connectors
  • For up to 12  devices, number of fibers: 12 or 24
  • CPR class of the feeder cable is Eca
  • The diameter for jumper gland inserts is 5 mm un-less otherwise stated
  • Weatherproof IP65 class box for cross-connections
  • The lid that doesn’t fly off and screws that won’t fall off
  • Mounting on a mast or on a wall of a building
  • Quick clips for easy mounting
  • Optional pre-installed 19 inch patch panel for the base station connection
  • Delivered on cost-effective cardboard reel
  • Reeling direction options: box first or last
  • One cable for the entire mast
  • Customized variations on request, e.g. multimode, SC connectors, without boxes

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