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Modular panel

Modulaarinen paneeli

Orbis’ modular panel with pre-assembled modules saves space and speeds up installation.

The 19-inch wide, 1U high module frame has four module slots that can be used to accommodate different module types: both optical fiber and twisted pair cables, eliminating the need for multiple panels. Modular solution allows flexibility in increasing the amount of cabling.

Modular panel is a great choice for data centers and distribution sites. The product is for indoor use only.

Module options:

  • Fiber optic cable assembly modules
  • MPO/MTP-LC modules
  • MPO/MTP adapter plate
  • Cat6A cable assembly modules
  • Cat6/Cat6A connector plates

The available fiber optic cable categories for the modules are: single mode OS2 and multi-mode OM3, OM4 or OM5, and for the Ethernet cables: Cat6A.

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