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Lightning Protectors and Data Line Protectors

Between May and September there are thunderstorms on 100 days in somewhere in Finland. A lightning bolt seeks out a channel for disruption such as high metal mast on base station.

The portfolio of Huber+Suhner lightning protection (EMP) products covers wide range of protection for RF and data components (Ethernet, RJ45). Our experts help you to choose the best product for you application. Products have 10 year warranty.

Basic principles

The basic idea is to protect equipment and people against lightning by conducting the lightning current to ground via a separate preferential solid path and reduce the electromagnetic field.

Well-proven basic principles are shielding (Faradays cage, armed concrete, screened cables), bonding and cabling.

Protector types

Huber+Suhner lightning protectors use following methods in RF applications:

  • Gas discharge tubes
  • Quarter wave protectors
  • Previous versions with high-pass filters
  • Also self-extinguishing tubes (semper)

Data protectors

  • RJ45 interface
  • Cat5 and Cat6 models
  • All 8 lines are protected
  • Data transfer speed 1000 Mbps
  • Frequency range DC ... 100 MHz  or 250 MHz
  • Impedance 100 Ω
  • Housing IP20, available also as IP68
  • Indoor and outdoor usage

Protector selection

Basic criteria for selecting a protector

  • Bandwidth
  • AC/DC powering via Coax
  • Protection requirements (e.g. overvoltage pulses)
  • RF requirements (RL, IL, PIM)
  • Selection of gas discharge tubes
  • Environmental requirements (e.g. outdoors)
  • Dimensions
  • Connector interfaces
  • Requirements for installation and grounding