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FTTH cable assemblies

Orbis manufactures Fiber-To-The-Home, FTTH, cable assemblies. In one single mode OS2, LSZH cable there are four fibers. They are used as building backbone cabling from building distributor to home distributor in residential buildings’ fiber optic network.

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The Orbis FTTH cable assembly configuration is specified by the customer: length of the cable, connectors at both ends or one end cut for splicing, cables delivered on reels or without reels. Both the cables and the reels are marked with apartment numbers.

Connector options are LC and SC, with APC (or UPC) polishing. The cable’s strip length is 45 cm at the apartment side and 80 cm at the panel side, measured from the nearest connector. The distance between the connectors is 5 cm. The pulling protection tubes are attached to protect the connectors during transportation and installation.

Fast installation. Less insertion loss. FTTH Cable Assembly

The benefits of the cable assembly are fast installation and less insertion loss compared to a cable that has spliced pigtails. No special knowledge on fiber optics or special tools are required for installation of cable assemblies. Cost savings for the customer comes from the time saved in installation; an average of approx. 20-25 min/apartment, which can be utilized for other tasks. As an example, in the work of 50 apartments, the time saved in the installation work can be up to 21 hours!

To ensure high quality, we test all Orbis cable assemblies before delivery.

Main benefits

  • Cable assembly is fast and easy to install. Time saved in installation can be utilized for other tasks. No special knowledge on fiber optics or special tools are required for installation.
  • There is less insertion loss in a cable assembly than in a cable with splices.
  • Functionality or Orbis cable assemblies is verified by measuring before delivery.

Technical specificationsFTTH package

  • Cable type: four fibers, single mode OS2, G.657A1, LSZH, CPR class Dca, for indoor use
  • Cable diameter: 5,3 mm
  • Color: white
  • Minimum bending radius: 5 x diameter (mm)
  • Max Tensile load: 400 N (installed)
  • Max crush: 1000 N/100 mm
  • Connectors: LC, SC, with APC (or UPC) polishing

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