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Fiber ducts

Protection, support, storage – maximal operational reliability

Fiber Containment Component

Fiber ducts provide a safe route for fiber optic cabling within a data center. Fiber ducts keep fiber optic cables apart from copper cables and eliminate sharp edges that could cause harm. Fiber ducts can be equipped with storage loops for coiling up excess cable. This prevents excess cable from consuming rack space, which improves the airflow and results in better operational efficiency of the data center.

Unlike conventional cable baskets or ladders, fiber ducts offer lateral support along the whole fiber length. This reduces the risk of macro-bending and micro-bending of the cable and secures that the minimum bend radius of 30 mm is retained.

Saving in installation time

Installation of fiber ducts does not require special tools or expertise. Fiber ducts can be installed underfloor or overhead.

Main benefits

  • Quick and simple installation process due to the pre-assembled ducting components with joiners and pre-fit screws
  • Easy floor lay-out planning and installation planning with standard elements
  • Bend radius protection
  • Smart storage for excess cable 
  • Improved airflow to the racks, resulting in improved operational efficiency of the data center

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