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Datacenter and equipment room infra

Data centersIn a data center or an equipment room a lot of cabling is required between different equipment. Continuously changing and developing solutions in data center environment should be modular and easy to maintain.

Infrastructure should be optimized for the need at the time but it should be easily expandable.

Server and network racks

Server and network racks are available in different configurations. Usually, the depth of a rack is either 1000 or 1200mm and width is 600 or 800mm. The typical height is 42U, but also other sizes are available. Racks may include walls or no wall. 

Various locking solutions are available from standard cylinder locks to advanced electronic access control solutions.

Cable management

The containment system keeps fiber optic cables apart from copper cables and eliminates sharp edges that could cause harm.

Power supply and cooling

Therefore in our portfolio includes innovative and new methods for the power supply, cooling and heat transfer. They enable optimization of the energy use and the best allocation cost per device.

Weatherproof cabins and shelters

Orbis provides also outdoor distribution cabins and ready-to-use distribution centers which are customer tailored from modules.