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Cross connection cabinets

Ristikytkentäkaappi Huber+Suhner

The CDR Lisa cabinet from Huber+Suhner is designed in collaboration with installers and telecom operators. Lisa has many features that are not found in standard 19-inch cabinets. The c-shaped design of the cabinet allows access to all parts of the cabinet from the front, reducing installation and maintenance time.

The Huber+Suhner’s CDR 1500 cross connection cabinet allows a clear distinction between incoming and outgoing fiber optic cabling. The cabinet design allows cross connections inside the cabinet with patch cords of one length (3,5 m). The cabinet design also provides good cable management. The CDR 1500 cabinet is only 300 mm deep, so its space requirement, for example in the MMR room, is small.



Orbis OptoManager is a traditional metal cabinet designed for 19-inch fiber optic panels. OptoManager can systematically manage fiber optic cables with up to 2000 SC or 4000 LC connectors.

This 300 mm deep cabinet can be installed at the end of the row of racks of active devices or on the wall outside of the cold space.

Back sides of two cabinets can be installed facing each other (“back-toback”) to obtain double capacity. The cabinet design also allows patch cords to be installed directly into the adjacent cabinet.

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