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Rivijäähdytin USystemsVarious types of liquid cooling solutions have increased in data centers in recent years. The idea is, that coolers installed between the racks absorb the heat generated by the servers. Then, the heat energy is transferred to the circulating water, which is routed via pipelines away from the data center. At the same time, cold water is led to the cooler via pipelines and the resulting cooling energy is blown into the air to cool the servers in the rack.

In-row cooling

The purpose of in-row cooler is to provide cooling to the area where cooling is needed. Additionally, in-row cooling system provides intelligence that allows devices to adjust the fan speed and water flow to optimize energy consumption.

Rear door cooling

When rear-door cooling is used, the number of racks can be maximized, and more cooling power is obtained from the same components. A cooler behind the rack takes up considerably less space in the rack row than in-row cooling.

Rear-door cooling does not require hot and cold aisle structures which reduces costs in installation and modifications.

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