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Converters, transceivers and high speed direct attach cables

Ethernet-Fiber convertersFiber optic converter

Ethernet-Fiber converters convert the Ethernet signal to optical fiber and vice versa. The converters have RJ45 and SC connectors.

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Optical transceiversOptical transceivers

Optical transceivers are an important part of optical data transfer as they convert electrical data signals into optical signals. The optical transceiver consists of two parts: a receiving part and a transmitting part. The receiving part converts the optical signal into electronic form for the switches and the transmitting part converts the electrical signal into an optical signal for the fiber optic network.

The optical transceiver is connected at one end to the active device (may be an Ethernet switch, router, server, etc.) and a fiber optic cable is connected to the other end.

Optical transceivers are available from 100 M data rates to 400 G. There are different types of packaging formats to choose from depending on the application.

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High speed direct attach cablesAOC cable

High speed direct connection cables are pre-terminated cable solutions used, for example, in data centers for direct connections between active devices (switches, servers, etc.) when data rates are 10G and above.

The high speed direct connection cables are either copper cables of different lengths (DAC) or fiber optic cables (AOC). The cables are compatible e.g. with the following optical transceivers: SFP, SFP + and QSFP. SFP + / QSFP + / QSFP2 / QSFP-DD

There are 3 different types of high speed direct connection cables:

  1. Passive DAC (Direct Attach Copper)
  2. Active DAC (Active Direct Attach Copper)
  3. AOC (Active Optical Cable)


Passive DAC

Aktive DAC


Cable structure

Twin-axial copper

Twin-axial copper

Optical fiber


< 7 m

7–15 m

100 m +

Power consumption

< 0,15 W

0,5–1 W

1–2 W

Advantages of DAC and AOC cables:

  • Less expensive compared to fiber optic cabling + optical transceivers
  • Lower power consumption compared to optical transceivers
  • Simple Plug & Play structure

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