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Reliable and flexible solution

Cross-Guard Connexions modular caging system allows the building of restricted areas inside a data center. The products meet the requirements of the most demanding global data center providers. Connexions modular caging is ideal for protecting the servers of different customers in colocation data centers. The caging is highly flexible due to the interchangeable panels, doors and locking systems. Additions and changes are easy to make, and the system is also totally demountable, allowing reinstallation in a different location.

Features that meet your needs

Connexions caging panels are available as solid or with holes punched for ventilation, which allows air to circulate freely. For the finishing, there is a wide range of standard and bespoke colors. Access control options are: key, electromagnetic or mechanical locking, with an option for recording when the lock is activated, by whom, and for how long. For additional security, a Connexions cage can be installed under the raised floor or above the ceiling.

Main benefits

  • Suitable for demanding, restricted areas
  • Highly flexible with interchangeable panels, doors and locking systems, allowing additions/changes and reinstallation
  • Variety of options to meet your specific needs

Technical specifications and options

  • Construction: steel sheet 1,5 mm as standard, up to max. 3 mm
  • Height: 2,4 mm as standard, up to max. 6 m
  • Doors: 900 mm and 1200 mm wide as standard, available in 900-2400 mm wide, hinge sliding or hung
  • Panel types: solid or with holes punched
  • Access control: key, electromagnetic or mechanical locking

Selectable panel designs

  • Square38 mm
  • Square 6 mm
  • Round 19 mm
  • Diamond
  • Solid

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