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Cables and Assemblies

Raw cables

Our product portfolio contains special fiber optic cables designed for demanding environments such as in applications which requite tolerance for temperature or mechanical stress. Here we show some common examples of the product range. More information is available from product catalogues (send a request) or our sales.

Cable assemblies

Orbis-made cable assemblies offer a solution to all connection needs within fiber optic field. Our own manufacturing guarantees customer specific assemblies according to customer specifications. Assemblies are measured and inspected with microscope and attached with certificate if needed.

We make deliveries directly from our manufacturing site in Estonia to our customers. Our product portfolio includes also standard cable assemblies from our principals in Europe and East Asia.

Notice in cable and connector selection following issues

  • Cable type: multimode (MM) / single mode (SM)
  • Fiber amount: Simplex / Duplex
  • Connector: SC / LC / …
  • Polishing: UPC / APC
  • Length: 2 / 5 / ... metres


Orbis sales are ready to help you with choosing the right product.