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Busbars are used to build power distribution assemblies that can be flexibly altered as needed. 

Busbars are used especially in data centers, factories, large high-rise buildings and hospitals with high-power devices, the need to easily change electrical installations or prepare for later expansion.

Modular busbars that Orbis deliver come from EAE and are approved by major global data center operators. Busbars and joints are thoroughly tested and of the highest quality. From our extensive selection you will find solutions for different power requirements

Busbar solutions include, in addition to the busbars, tap-off boxes and end feed units as standard, plus monitoring as an option. The solutions are fully customizable to the customer's premises and needs.

Power on low voltage versions of busbars is from 32 amps to 6300 amps and in mid voltage versions up to 5700 amps

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