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Base Station Products - OptoMast™

Tukiasemat - Mobile base stationsA lonely mast in the middle of nowhere or a high-rise installation in a bustling city – either way, the fewer cables to install, the better. OptoMast™ solution has many features that make it easier to install, upgrade, and repair.

The comprehensive OptoMast™ cabling solution includes various products for fiber optic and power supply cabling. OptoMast™ cabling can be a solution for devices mounted on the mast or on the wall of the building. Fiber and power can be cabled either as separate solutions or as a combined hybrid solution.

Easy cabling with OptoMast™ Base station cabling structure

OptoMast™ consists of a trunk cable and a connection box from which shorter jumper cables are connected to the active devices. This way, each device does not need its own backbone cabling and extra connection points can be reserved in advance for future extensions.

When replacing or adding devices, you only need to upgrade the jumper cables with the appropriate connectors.

OptoMast™ applications

  • Mobile network 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G base stations (Fiber To The Antenna, FTTA)
  • Mobile Network Radiolinks

OptoMast™ product portfolio

Why choose OptoMast™?OptoMast™-asentaja

Easy cabling up to 50% more efficiently

  • Fewer cables are needed
  • Independent of OEMs
  • No need for re-cabling when replacing and upgrading devices
  • Flexible for future needs
  • Several options to choose from, depending on the application

Reliable cabling and connections in extreme conditions

  • Functionality of each product is verified by testing
  • Durable, long-lasting, on the market since 2007
  • Easy to install even in winter frost
  • Cabling management makes maintenance easier

Supply chain that flexibly adapts to the construction schedule

  • Everything you need in one package, with one order number
  • Deliveries directly to the desired destination
  • Fast deliveries from our nearby factory

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