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Narda Safety Test Solutions

Narda Safety Test Solutions is a global leader in the development and production of measuring equipment for electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, owning more than 95% of all published patents for measuring such fields. It is a highly innovative company that regularly develops new measuring devices in the form of hand-held testers, remote-controlled measuring stations, and safety equipment. Narda's three facilities are located at USA, Germany and Italy.

Narda Safety aims to provide all users with products tailored exactly to their requirements using the highest quality in cutting-edge technology. The comprehensive range of products for human safety in electromagnetic fields (EMF) includes broadband measuring devices, selective measurement technology, surveillance monitors and personal monitors. Narda provides support for the user, in the form of its service program, which includes servicing, calibration, and training events.

Orbis represents Narda Safetys products in Finland.