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Orbis70 - Veli-Matti Lehto

#Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Veli-Matti Lehto
SLO is the largest logistics and retail company in the electrical sector in Finland, with whom Orbis has collaborated for over 10 years. Veli-Matti Lehto, Product Manager for telecommunications, data, mobile network and antenna products, describes the early stages of collaboration:

“Our collaboration with Orbis dates back to the days when mobile network development really took off. Our client base consists, among others, of large telecom operators who were looking for a partner for handling warehouse and logistics services for network building and material flows. Orbis was able to provide us with the right products.”

Orbis products sold by SLO are used in the mobile base station cabling and network installations in buildings, tunnels, etc. SLO also sells some fibre optic products for Fiber to the Home applications.

Expertise is invaluable

Currently, mobile networks are being built at a fast pace. There are also significant technical changes taking place in components. In many cases SLO's clients are seeking solutions for various challenges. It is important to have a partner to collaborate with to find the right solutions.

“During the last 10 years, data network technology has developed immensely and with many new products; active devices, passive components, cables, routers, etc. Our dialog with the clients is made easier by being able to rely on Orbis’s solid expertise in various technologies. The Orbis team has an unparalleled level of technical expertise,” Veli-Matti praises the partner.

Orbis maintains regular dialogue with SLO’s clients and personnel, and the companies have organised mutual training sessions as well.

The secret to true partnership

The partnership between Orbis and SLO is genuine with open and straightforward dialogue.

“Collaborating with the product experts and sales representatives of Orbis has been easy and straightforward. They are experts in their field, and we have always been able to discuss any challenges openly in good spirit,” Veli-Matti describes.

The future of the partnership also looks promising.

“Operators are busy designing and building 5G networks. The cell size will be very small; there are no large masts. Instead, the network consists of many small base stations within short distances, which requires a lot more fibre optics and RF equipment. I believe Orbis and SLO will continue to enjoy tight-knit collaboration in the future as well,” Veli-Matti summarises.