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Orbis70 - Maija Lax

#Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Maija Lax

Maija Lax entered Orbis in May of 1990 and served as Financial Director until her retirement in 2002.

“When I started my career at Orbis, the company was focused on component and measurement device import and sales in the domestic markets, as well as the calibration and maintenance of the products.  During the same year, the company began further processing components and producing cable assemblies", Maija recalls the early days of her Orbis career.

Bold international expansion

In early 1990s, Finland was struggling through an economic downturn. Orbis persevered through hard work and team spirit.  In 1993, the company took a bold step into the development of testing systems. At the same time, the product range expanded to machine vision technology. Manufacturing operations expanded abroad with the establishment of subsidiaries in Estonia, Sweden, Texas (USA), China and India.

“There was a lot of work to do, but the company was excited and full of entrepreneurial spirit,” Maija describes the atmosphere.

In 2012, Orbis was divided into two companies. Locally, the company operated as Orbis Oy and globally as Orbis Systems Oy. By that time, Maija had retired and moved on to the Board of Directors of Orbis Oy.

Respect for people is evident

According to Maija, in its current state, Orbis Oy is very much like the Orbis of the early 1990s.

“When you step inside, there is the same enthusiastic, committed and homely atmosphere of a family company,” Maija praises.

The future is hard to predict in the current global uncertainties. However, the customer base has broadened, which is good.

According to Maija, Orbis is one of the best workplaces in Finland.

“The company has always valued every employee, and everyone feels they are appreciated. My message to colleagues would be to keep respecting and taking care of each other. Our clients and partners already know that every Orbis employee is always 100 per cent committed to their work. And they deliver what they promise. "

Dallasin "OITI" on nykyään osa Orbis Systems Oy:tä

Photo: "OITI" at Dallas Texas is nowadays a subsidiary of Orbis Systems Oy.