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Orbis70 - Juha Nykänen

Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Juha Nykänen

According to teleoperator DNA’s Director of Procurement and Logistics, Juha Nykänen, the collaboration between Orbis and DNA began with a product development project.

“In 2009, we were building 3G networks and began designing 4G networks. Back then, there were no suitable cable solutions for power or fibre optics for cost-effective base station installation and use. Orbis was the only company that was willing to develop a completely new, innovative product for our use. The product was completed and subsequently it was adopted by other Orbis’ clients as well,” he comments on the early stages of collaboration between the companies.

Agile product development

Juha acknowledges the agility of Orbis. In the beginning, the right product did not even exist, and Orbis stepped up and created one for DNA. In other words, DNA completely outsourced the product development, which turned out to be a good solution.

“It took only months from the concept to be developed into a finished product. Thanks to Orbis, we did not have to worry about any technical matters; the network was built with equipment and products that were compatible with our infrastructure,” Juha states.

At the core of the collaboration between Orbis and DNA are still the same products, in upgraded versions. DNA procures fibre optic products, as well as signal boosters and IT area products from Orbis. Largest volumes always coincide with network construction projects, but the companies also work together to maintain existing networks.

“Our collaboration has evolved quite a bit over the years, and today our process involves also equipment suppliers,” Juha indicates.

Possibility for future innovation

Building the 5G network will open up significant markets particularly for fibre optic product manufacturers and retailers.

IoT will also create new customerships across various sectors. The entire industry is trending towards having high speed networks even in sparsely populated areas. 5G will provide many new opportunities, but it must be adopted on an extensive scale. This is where teleoperators play a significant role.

“The demand for fibre optics will be massive. Without innovative partners like Orbis, it would be very challenging to build 5G networks cost-effectively,” Juha describes.

Chemistry through entrepreneurial spirit

Orbis and DNA collaborate effortlessly and casually on a daily basis.

“Our collaboration works very well. Orbis is a small, efficient family business, and DNA shares this entrepreneurial spirit, so the chemistry is great, in terms of both values and operating models. I feel that both companies are down to earth, efficient and operating from a humane standpoint”, summarises Juha.