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Orbis70 - Harri Mutanen

#Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Harri Mutanen

Account Manager Harri Mutanen joined Orbis on 2 May, 1984. Harri began his career at Orbis as the company's 13th employee during a summer job at the warehouse.

“Orbis was operating in a detached house, in which the warehouse was located. My aunt, Anne Redsven, called and asked if I was interested in a summer job. I had just finished my matriculation examination, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity. The following year I did my military service, and at the request of Orbis, I completed the lorry license in order to take up the position of a Stock-keeper,” Harri reminisces.

From warehouse to production

In 1988, Harri became the Warehouse Manager. The new facilities were built the following year at Vanha Kaarelantie 9 in Vantaa. At that point, the company had around 30 employees.
“The business grew, and around 1990, Nokia Mobile Phones approached Orbis regarding cable manufacturing for NMT mobile phone antennas,” Harri describes. Our collaboration grew, and our cable manufacturing moved in Vantaa from Kaarelantie to a new facility at Malminkartano. We were working in two shifts.

Harri became Production Manager when Orbis Oy and its long-term Swiss principal Huber+Suhner Ag established a joint venture. “I was in contact with the customers and communicated their needs to production. In 2001, we moved to the new, large facilities at Taivaltie 5 in Vantaa,” Harri says.

In 2004, Harri was re-appointed to the Warehouse Manager. Orbis was already operating all over Finland and in several locations abroad as well. At the peak of operations in early 2000s, the company had over 350 employees.

Transition into sales

“I was in charge of the warehouse until 2010, when the operation was moved to the Estonian unit,” Harri comments.

In 2011, company moved in Vantaa back to Vanha Kaarelantie 9. At the time, Harri was responsible for fibre optics project management for R&D. In 2012, Harri moved to sales and marketing.

“I have been in the sales department ever since, and recently I have been focused on Fiber to the Home and Cat cabling networks. I also provide expert services and information on fibre optics,” Harri describes his sphere of duties. Since the beginning of 2014, Harri has been a member of Traficom (former Finnish Transport and Communication Agency) working group, which is responsible for regulating the building of broadband networks in residential buildings in Finland.

Future full of opportunities

“It is important that the owners have faith in the company. I have been in a unique position to live through 3 generations in the company, experiencing the transition and technological revolution from analogue to digital and wireless environments and 5G solutions,” he describes.
Harri has unwavering faith in the future of the company: “Orbis invests in continuity, which is evident in the company’s practice of training its young employees. Hard times have only made us stronger, and we have found what we want to focus on.”

Haba Vanha Kaarelantien varastossa 1989

Photo: Harri at warehouse in Vanha Kaarelantie at Vantaa in 1989