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Orbis70 - Mika Solonen

Mika Solonen

Lehto Asunnot, part of the Finnish construction sector company Lehto Group, focuses on constructing new and residential buildings, which are apartment blocks, terraced houses and multi-family residentials. They are built in Finland's busiest growth centers and provincial centers, locations with good transportation connections.

Mika Solonen, who is a project manager in the electrical department and involved in new building projects at Lehto Asunnot, works in close cooperation with Orbis. He is in charge of organizing the deliveries to construction sites and, among other things, specifies the fiber optic cables needed.

More preassembled cables

The cooperation between Orbis and Lehto Asunnot started a couple of years ago.

"It was in early fall 2017 when we started wondering whether it would be possible to obtain fiber optic cables and building distributors as a ready-to-use package, so that we wouldn’t need to do everything from scratch on the building site. We raised the issue with Orbis, and a solution was found very quickly,” says Solonen.

Today Orbis delivers the fiber optic cables and building distributors to Lehto Asunnot as complete packages, ready for use in preassembled construction. Orbis also provides the CAT cables, and it is working on developing similar solutions for other cable types too.

The cooperation with Orbis saves Lehto Asunnot both time and money, since it is much more economical to do the required components in factories than on the construction sites. Solonen anticipates that new buildings will be built more and more as preassemblies in factories than on the construction site.

Development work continues

We aim to expand the cooperation between Orbis and Lehto Asunnot in order to be able to obtain also aerial cables and cables for use between buildings as ready-to-use packages, delivered directly from the factory to the construction sites.

Solonen finds the cooperation with Orbis extremely smooth and easy.

“We only need to fill one form to get all the required products delivered directly to the construction site,” he explains, concluding, “I’d like to warmly thank Orbis for the pleasant and smooth cooperation!”