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Orbis70 - Jani Linna-Aro

#Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Orbis Jani Linna-Aro
Jani Linna-Aro, who became CEO of Orbis in 2019, was first introduced to the family business – set up by his grandfather – while still at primary school. Back then he was working at the warehouse during his summer holidays.

After graduating from Helsinki School of Economics, Jani pursued a career at Deloitte, first as a consultant and later as an IT Manager. In 2014, he joined the Board of Directors at Orbis and in 2017 he left Deloitte to become the Development Director at Orbis.

“At that time we started to think about how to develop the company further and started to plan a generational shift. When I took over the business from my father Markku at the beginning of this year, the transition didn’t happen overnight,” says Jani.

Facing the future at the forefront of the industry

Jani believes that the expansion of 5G and the breakthrough in the data center market will create growth opportunities for the company, as it becomes all the more important to have securely functioning data connections.

As a result of digitalization, data communications relate to all industry sectors and form an integral part of nearly all services. The importance of data transmission is growing and it is starting to play a critical role.

For Orbis, this development opens up entirely new opportunities.

“We are already able to supply multiple solutions for various sectors and the number of variations is growing all the time. One of our strengths is that we don’t have to rely on others, so we are able to guarantee quality in our own production,” says Jani.

“I think we have the privilege to be involved in the breakthrough of digitalization and to be able to follow it from a vantage point. We have an opportunity to make our mark,” he states.

Team spirit and pulling together

It is important to Jani that Orbis is regarded as a workplace that genuinely cares about its employees. The company is being developed from a long-term perspective and the core values of a family business are visible in its everyday functions. Long careers are examples of employee commitment to the company.

“As we are celebrating 70 years of Orbis this year, our primary thought is gratitude. Without our employees, customers, partners and other important stakeholders, we would not be celebrating 70 years in the business. Few companies in the IT sector have roots stretching back this far,” says Jani.

The world is changing to more complex all the time and no company can solve the future challenges alone.

“The future will bring a growing need for partnerships. Orbis has a 70-year old history to prove that we know how to cooperate,” says Jani.