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Orbis70 - Eero Rossi

#Orbis70 – perspectives on the story

Eero Rossi

Before his current position as CEO of Orbis Systems Oy, Eero Rossi worked for 13 years for Orbis Oy. 

Eero joined Orbis in 1997 as a team leader. “I’ve counted that I had five different jobs at Orbis Oy.” His jobs included product development, process development and leading a business unit. He says Orbis Oy was an interesting place to work at because he likes to be at the heart of technological development. “There were enormous changes in technology – in the mobile phone devices and then in all the various G’s on the base station side.”

“I enjoyed working at Orbis Oy. Of course, when a company is adaptable, its employees must also be,” says Eero.

Start of Orbis Systems Oy

In 2012, Orbis split its system business into a separate company, Orbis Systems Oy. Despite the same ownership base, the two companies do not operate under a group structure. Orbis Systems Oy, led by Eero, does its business completely independently.
Eero describes the separation process as technically difficult. The preparations took a long time, so that by the time the company was split, the business operations were already separate. Orbis Systems Oy’s mission is to have a strong presence in global market and to focus on developing its own products.

Orbis Systems’ core competence is the functional testing of its clients’ mobile network devices. The company’s new area of expertise is OTA testing: The signals of 5G devices, which are currently under development, are tested in RF chambers over the air interface. “We’re especially good at increasing the testing capacity in the production line. We can deliver high volumes of testing systems globally,” Eero praises.

Reliable customer-specific services

Orbis Systems Oy still works with Orbis Oy, now as a customer. In its products Orbis Systems uses cables made by and components imported by Orbis. “We define the specs together,” says Eero. Excellent component quality plays a key role in building solutions for cutting-edge technologies. Reliable deliveries are another key point, when Orbis Systems wants to enable its customers to launch quickly new technologies to the market.

When asked how a small Finnish company like Orbis Oy can cope with global competition, Eero exclaims: “Very well!” and goes on to explain: “When it comes to Orbis Oy, local customer service is important. Customers want to feel that they are important. Orbis’ open and customer-centered collaboration has worked well in the past and will certainly continue to do so in the future.”

Eero goes on to consider the future of Orbis Oy. One significant change is that the family-owned company was smoothly transferred to the next generation. He is sure that Orbis Oy will be capable, as always, of anticipating and adapting to changing technologies: “Orbis always seeks the changing point and gets straight in there, instead of waiting and just going with the flow. 5G and Smart City are already up and running, so the doors are open for big opportunities for Orbis Oy.”