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Values - the foundation of the Orbis culture

When business environment is constantly changing and companies adjust internally with an increasing speed, strong values are the base you can always rely on even if other guidance is missing.

In Orbis, values play an essential part in the way we do business. Together with mission and vision, values are the foundation of the Orbis culture and give a frame to our operations. The following values set the ethical norms to everything we do and guide us strongly in our daily work: 

Openness and honesty

With openness and honesty we can have far-reaching positive effects in all issues we are dealing with. Openness and honesty ensure that we keep our promises.

Appreciation of others and fairness

Appreciation of others, valuing different perspectives and collaboration despite differences are essential to us. We want to be fair in all our operations.

Setting goals together and committing to them

When we set goals together we can easily commit to them and the inevitable consequence is the continuous development of the company. Our employees' motivation increases and we enjoy ourselves at work. This increases the quality of work.

Profitability and continuous development of operations

Profitability and efficiency are essential in our business, without them we don´t survive for long. Constant development of our operations and ourselves ensure our competitiveness and the results give meaning to our persistent work.