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The world was different back then

Orbis HistoryOrbis Oy was established in Finland by Mr. Leo Linna-Aro and his friends as an import agency. Orbis began operations on 1st of June, 1949.

After the Second World War, Germany lost several of its undisturbed broadcasting long and medium wave ranges to the winning powers. Nevertheless, it was necessary to continue radio broadcasts to the German public. This is how the new ultra short wave technology came to be developed.

When the Finnish Broadcasting Company started preparing for ultra short wave broadcasts, providing the requisite technologies gave a kick-start to Orbis´ newly-established operations and paved the way to Orbis becoming a central player in the field of professional electronics. Today, Orbis is highly-established among professionals in the electronics industry as a provider of high-end technologies.

"Good days never worried us nor gave us headaches simply for the reason that we realized they were good days only when the good days were already over."

- Leo Linna-Aro in February 1979

International expansion began in the 1990's

In 1993, Leo Linna-Aro's son Markku Linna-Aro took the position of CEO. This turned out to be a turning point in the Orbis history since at that time, Orbis started developing value added services and its own test system solutions. This eventually became the differentiating factor in the market and created the success the Company enjoys today.

In 1998, Orbis began expanding abroad, a step that was logical with regard to the company´s goals. The first overseas branch was opened in Dallas to serve the American market. The initiative for the move came from the Finnish manufacturers´ increasing need to outsource their testing services. Later, production of mass products was transferred to Estonia. In Finland, systems were manufactured in Oulu and Salo, while the Vantaa branch focused on product development and prototype manufacturing.

Orbis has had subsidiaries also in Sweden, China and India.

Focus via spiltting

During the first decade of 2000 operations in the company began to separate into two different business areas: local importing and trading vs. global manufacturing of own test systems. In the beginning of 2012 test system business was spun-out of Orbis Oy. The new independent company was named Orbis Systems Oy (www.orbissystems.eu).

After the split Orbis Oy returned back to its roots: focusing on importing, assembling and trading in Finland, Russia and Baltic countries. In Moscow Orbis opened subsidiary Orbis Solutions OOO in 2014.

Roots date back half a century

Leo Linna-Aro built the foundation for Orbis operations and they are still based on the basic values and thinking in long-term goals.

"This professional and conscientious little community of ours in which everybody knows their business, collaboration works well and service-mindedness is flourishing, it is this that I thank, in addition to our customers, for making us what we are...You are awesome!"

- Leo Linna-Aro addressing the staff in 1979

Orbis dates back 60 years

Orbis70Established by Leo Linna-Aro, on 1 June 1949, Orbis is a privately owned company.

  • 1949 - Representation and trading
  • 1970 - Professional electronics
  • 1993 - Own production
  • 1995 - Global operations
  • 2000 - Own product development
  • 2012 - Test systems spin-out to new company Orbis Systems Oy
  • 2012 - Orbis opens a webshop
  • 2014 - Orbis Solutions OOO is founded in Russia
  • 2019 - Orbis celebrates 70 year anniversary