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Environmental issues

Orbis and the environment

Orbis' field of business is to provide intelligent quality control, testing and measuring systems as well as advanced instrument and component solutions. Although the environmental impact of the operations is not significant, Orbis wants to do more than merely follow the environmental requirements of the customers and other interest groups. Orbis aims to honor the principles of sustainable development in all its operations.

We encourage and educate our employees in all organizational levels to consider the environmental charge in order to reach the goals of our Environmental Management System (EMS). The system is based on the ISO 14001 standard and has been implemented in Estonia and Finland. The system has not been certified.

Highlights of the Orbis Environmental Management System are:

  • When choosing components, we consider supplier's ability to support our environmental goals and the availability of required substance descriptions.
  • We have implemented all processes defined by the EU Directives regarding recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and restriction of hazardous materials (RoHS).
  • We aim to reduce the amount of waste in general and specifically, by increasing recycling, the amount of mixed waste in relation to energy and bio waste.
  • We replace environmentally harmful disposable packing material with re-usable materials.
  • Conference calls and video conferencing are used to reduce traveling to minimum, thus reducing also the environmental impact of traveling.
  • We aim to minimize energy consumption of our office buildings.

RoHS and WEEE at Orbis

Orbis has joined a producer responsibility organization in Finland and Estonia. Orbis will also take individual responsibility for its own products and thus will take back used products unless separately agreed with the customer.

At Orbis, we recognize that the WEEE directive will be implemented in each EU Member State's national legislation differently. In many European countries this process hasn´t been finalized yet. We are continually monitoring legislative developments in each country relevant to our operations and once national legislation is enacted in each, we have the possibility to advance with registration and actual take-back obligations. In most countries we will be joining an appropriate Producer Responsibility Organization. In addition, we will be offering our customers a take-back possibility as an additional service. All our products are duly marked in accordance with requirements as set out in the WEEE directive.

All our products falling within the scope of the RoHS directive are compliant, if not otherwise agreed with the customer. Our RoHS compliance will be monitored by written declarations from our suppliers, which we shall record in a technical file. Orbis' RoHS compliant products will not be additionally labeled. RoHS compliance of our products will be specified with order confirmation.