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Orbis Oy, founded in 1949, is a Finnish company that provides products for telecom and data networks in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Orbis holds decades of experience in radio frequency and fiber optic technologies.

We provide solutions for fixed and wireless networks in apartment houses, public buildings, transportation, mobile networks, data centers and electronics industry. Our imported product portfolio is complemented with own product development and manufacturing. As an example, we manufacture customized, high-quality cable assemblies.

We solve challenges

Orbis Oy is a company with a mission to find the best possible solutions to its customers and help them grow. Our personal customer service as well as other operations are built on responsibility and reliability – we keep our promises. We know that expertise requires passion and understanding of the customers’ operational environment.

Our specialties are custom made cable assemblies. The cables are made with craftsmanship and of reliable quality components, which ensures their consistent quality and suitability for challenging applications.

Our products

Operational reliability is vital in our business, therefore we take technology seriously. We strive not only for a comprehensive product portfolio, but for solutions that best fit the customer needs and the performance requirements. We actively develop new, innovative solutions to help our customers’ daily business also in the future.

The products we manufacture are tested for operability with measuring devices. We can also test the products that we import and if necessary, we will provide the products to the neutral party for testing to obtain the required technical approvals. We are constantly monitoring our current product portfolio to maintain the quality level.  

We deliver

Orbis has an extensive product portfolio, covering components for both analogue and digital networks, for wireless and wired data communications. What we do not have, we will find through our global network of partners and manufacturers. 

Due to the large number of items, not all items can be stored locally. We carefully listen to our customers and store the most common network components in our local warehouse in Vantaa, Finland. From there it is possible to deliver shipments within one day to almost everywhere in Finland, and within a few days to the Baltic countries. Nearby customers can also pick-up their orders from our pick-up store on the way to the work site.