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University built a data center into the parking garage


A small or medium-sized data center can be built in an old property utilizing existing facilities. A major university in the UK has built a medium-sized 5 MW data center in the old garage under the university.

We visited the university’s data center in April 2019 together with our partner USystems who has delivered rack and cooling solutions to the site.

Räkkejä takaovijäähdyttimillä
Photo: Racks with rear door coolers

Rear door cooling in challenging space

When building a data center in an existing garage, the challenge usually is shallow space and load-bearing concrete pillars. The majority of the university’s data center we visited was built with USystems’ rear door cooling system. Rear door coolers are directly attached to the racks, which allows more racks in the same space than when using in-row coolers.

Räkkejä rivijäähdyttimillä

Photo: Racks with in-row coolers

When there are no hot or cold aisle containment structures, cabling, power distribution systems or cooling pipes can be installed above the racks more easily. Also, modifications are easier to conduct, which affects the usability of the data center. In addition to efficient use of space, rear door cooling enables flexible expansion of data center – even one rack at a time.

The average power in the university’s data center we visited is over 20 kW/rack and the maximum power is over 35 kW. Rear door cooling system can be used even in power levels as high as 85 kW, so this sort of medium power level is very easy to control. Good airflow improves energy efficiency, which has a direct impact on operating costs.

Rivijäähdytykseen valittu kuumakäytäväratkaisu
Photo: Chosen hot aisle containment solution for in-row cooling

Orbis Oy imports Usystems’ data center solutions to Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you are planning in-row cooling, ask us what could be fitted into the same space by using rear door cooling!

Huolella suunniteltu. USystemsin Andy Diss näyttää Swedish Modulesin Björn Axelssonille takaovijäähdyttimen ja virranottimen väliin jäävää vain n. 1 cm tilaa, kun ovi avataan.
Photo: Well-designed. Andy Diss from USystems demonstrates to Björn Axelsson from Swedish Modules that there is only about 1 cm between the rear door cooler and the tap-off box when the door is opened.

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