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Three reasons to choose rear door cooling in data center


In the early 2000s, two new systems came into the market to cool down the data centers: in-row cooling and rear door cooling. Both aim to bring cooling closer to the heat source so that the solution is as energy efficient as possible. Both methods naturally have their own strengths, and both are in use in the market. The share of rear door coolers is on the rise, so we found out the three most important factors behind the popularity.

1. Less space - more racks

When back-door cooling is used, the number of racks can be maximized and more cooling power is obtained from the same components. Cooler behind the rack takes up considerably less space in the rack row than in-row cooling.

In-row coolers are located between the racks and as part of the solution in the data centers are often hot/cold aisles. In-row coolers take up space in the rack row, so considerably less racks can be accommodated in the same space than in the rear door cooling. In addition, hot/cold aisle structures pose many challenges to usability.


2. Warm water – no condensation

When warm air flows through a cold radiator, the air will easily reach the dew point and the radiator will begin to condense. Due to the compact structure of the rear coolers, this condensation water has been difficult to remove.

Today, warmer than 20 degrees water can be used for cooling in data center. This enables more energy efficient recycling or free cooling at much higher outdoor temperatures. Warmer cooling water makes it easier to control the dew point and the problems of condensation water in rear door cooling have been eliminated. The temperature of the water used for cooling the data center also directly affects the energy efficiency of the entire data center.

Reardoor cooling system

3. Lower costs

Rear door cooling does not require hot/cold aisle structures, the installation of which and possible additional structures in case of changes will cause additional costs. Therefore, rear door cooling solutions are generally less costly than in-row coolers.

Case story

Reardoor cooling system

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