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Smart pole pilot in Tampere


Hiedanranta is a future district of Tampere city in Finland, where new ideas, experiments and urban culture will flourish. Sustainable and intelligent solutions will make life easier for the future 25 000 residents and 10 000 employees of the area. During the summer 2019, in cooperation with Tehomet Oy and DNA Oyj, Orbis Oy will participate in a Smart Pole pilot project in Hiedanranta.

Digital services set new demands for the reliability, speed and low latency of data transmission networks. Therefore, a new kind of network infrastructure is required. The Smart Pole will serve as a platform for innovative services and it also includes the capability to meet future communication needs. In this way, the piloted, modular Smart Pole in Hiedanranta will contribute to sustainable development.

A platform for innovation

Tehomet made a 3D visualisation of two  different models for the pole in April 2019.

Hiedanranta is an environment for urban development projects and experiments in Tampere. The city has built a fiber optic network, which serves as the data communication backbone for the whole area. In turn, the 5G mobile network, which is currently being deployed, will enable services based on high-speed wireless data communications. The Smart Pole will provide next generation telecommunications on a local scale, and also it will serve as a backbone hub. 

In the pilot project, the Smart Pole will be placed in a park area and it will include modules for lighting, security and services for park users. "Thus, the Smart Pole is not just a mobile network base station, but also a platform for other services and urban technology needs," says Anu Peussa, project manager at Orbis. Technology will be hidden in the structures of the pole, thereby it helps to improve urban landscape and protects critical infrastructure against external damage as well as from possible vandalism.

New operating models

In the environment offered by the City of Tampere, the companies of the pilot project are able to develop their own special expertise. Implementing of a functional entity requires also combining of expertise between different companies. Partnerships create new operating models which are the basis for the commercial solutions. The project is led by Orbis Oy, which is responsible for the pole cabling and connectivity solutions, DNA Oyj provides the mobile base station hardware, and Tehomet Oy designs and builds the pole.

The aim of the project is to implement the first concept, which can be used to develop comprehensive solutions for the needs of smart cities. Planning of the pilot project started in June 2018, and the Smart Pole will be installed in Hiedanranta during summer 2019. We will tell you more about the project as it progresses.

Pilottihankkeen osanottajat tutustuivat tulevan älypylvään ympäristöön Hiedanrannassa tammikuussa 2019

Photo: Members of the pilot project visited the agreed location of the smart pole at Hiedanranta in January 2019.

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