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Pay already attention to the 5G in indoor mobile networks


The new 5G network technology will be published in 2019. To make the future mobile services available indoors, the 5G should already be taken into account in the design and construction of new buildings.

Jari Koskinen esittelee tuotevalikoiman uusinta 5G-yhteensopivaa, ympärisäteilevää antennia mobiilitaajuuksille.In case the wireless mobile network signal does not cover indoors, it can be transferred with a network of RF cabling and antennas. This solution, which improves the mobile network coverage indoors and underground, is called a distributed antenna network (DAS). The need for DAS networks continues. In the future the increasing amount of data and faster bandwith require higher frequencies, which can only be transferred short distances and they do not penetrate construction materials well.

The 5G technology uses 3500 MHz frequency, which is the technical requirement for a network component. In the future all mobile services are enabled, if the distributed antenna network is built with components, which are up to the 5G requirements.

Inconspicuous 5G antenna

Usually an antenna is selected to the indoor network not only by its performance features but also by its design. Architects want small, inconspicous and beautiful designs. These requirements are met with the latest 5G compatible antenna model (3003985) from Orbis. It is an omni-directional antenna which operates on the mobile bandwiths (698-4000 MHz). "There has already been interest towards this model in RF design agencies", says Jari Koskinen, RF specialist at Orbis Oy. He predicts this antenna will be popular in 5G networks.

Together with antennas Orbis' portfolio includes all network components for 3500 Mhz or higher frequencies, such as power splitters, hybrids and tappers. Mr. Koskinen thinks that it is wise to choose 5G components already today: "I consider that as an investment for the future."

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