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Orbis cabling and integration expertise is key for smart pole functionalities


LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is developing its smart pole concept towards commercialization within two years. The joint effort of several companies and research institutions is proceeding well, and in May 2020 a pilot route of 15 smart poles will be completed in Kera, Espoo. Orbis Oy is responsible for the cabling, connections and assembly of the poles, which means active spring for the Orbis crew.

The Finnish family-owned Orbis Oy has been at the forefront of technology development trends since 1949. Today, the company is developing solutions for the digital society for next-generation mobile networks as well as smart cities. 

Telecommunications platform for digital services

A light pole becomes a smart pole when devices, not only lights, with a telecommunication connection are installed on it. The product development of the smart poles driven by Nokia with its ecosystem partners has started strongly from the needs of the 5G mobile network, although not all smart poles need to have a mobile network base station.

A smart pole of the LuxTurrim5G+ project on the Espoo Kera route can have up to 20 different devices. Together, the pilot poles of the route form a multidisciplinary test network. ”Data transfer is needed to create a platform on which new digital services can be built,” describes CEO Jani Linna-Aro Orbis’s role in the project.

Orbis LuxTurrim5G+ pylväiden asennus

Photo: Hoisting of the LuxTurrim smart pole, which was assembled by Orbis at Espoo in 27th April 2020.

Aiming for a long life span

In the LuxTurrim5G+ project, Orbis has designed the cabling and connection solution for data transfer and power supply inside the pole shell. The company is also responsible for the assembly of the smart poles. The functional smart pole is completed at Orbis's premises in Vantaa.

Tero Laitinen, project manager at Orbis, says of the design goal: "We have tried to commercialize our solution so that during the life cycle of the smart pole, the devices in the pole can be flexibly added and replaced. So that as needs evolve, there is no need to replace the entire pole or need to dig new trunk cables under the street.” Orbis’s cabling and connectivity solutions can also be used for other smart city needs, such as data transfer and power supply for devices integrated at bus stops.

Orbis LuxTurrim5G+ pylväsaihiot saapuvat

Photo: Orbis’s Jari Koskinen and Tero Laitinen move pole shells to assembly.

Customized solutions from own production

The limited space in the smart pole makes it a challenging installation environment. The devices also have different interfaces that must be connected to the same cabling system. The development of cabling and connectivity solutions for smart poles is based on Orbis's own product development and production, which enables the production of tailor-made cable assemblies as well as hybrid solutions that combine multiple technologies.

At the beginning of 2020, Orbis's factory in Estonia moved to new premises. This enables even more efficient and versatile production. "Orbis is actively influencing future smart city solutions. We have made significant investments in recent years so that we can serve our customers as well as possible in the needs of new technologies," says Jani Linna-Aro about the company's objectives.

Orbis LuxTurrim5G+ pylväiden asennus

Photo: Orbis makes cabling and connections for smart poles.

More information

More information

About Orbis Oy

The Finnish family-owned company Orbis Oy has operated at the forefront of the technology since 1949. Today we develop solutions for the digital society and its next generation mobile networks and smart cities. We offer know-how on RF and fiber optic cabling technologies, which are needed to ensure reliable data communication in buildings, data centers, devices and industry as well as in smart cities and telecom operator networks. Our head office is located in Finland and we operate also in the Baltic states and Russia.  www.orbis.eu

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