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In Finland weather sets high demands for antennas


Subway roof-top antennas in Helsinki

New applications based on wireless network are implemented in several transportation sectors in Finland. Orbis Oy is involved in various public traffic telecommunication projects as a supplier of HUBER+SUHNER antenna and cable solutions.

There are always two demands for a modern telecommunication application: real-time data transfer and the amount of data is constantly increasing. New applications in public transportation in Finland include GSM-R, ticketing systems, passenger WLAN services, real time traffic information and advertising displays.

Finns travel in snow and sunshine

A public transportation vehicle is a demanding application at first because of safety standard requirements and limited installation space. In Finland a network component must also endure the harsh environmental conditions of the North such as wide ranges in moisture and temperature.

For example a train can leave from Helsinki in the morning in 0°C temperature and arrive to Rovaniemi in -30°C. Finns as passengers also expect traffic to operate in all kinds of weather and snow is no excuse for delays. So the high quality of a product really makes the difference in transportation solutions.

Renewed and brand new applications

Helsinki City Transport (HKL) renewed the metro in 2009 with trackside radio network, metro trains having roof-top and in-carriage WLAN antennas. Helsinki Metro continues to have several development projects eg. lines are automated and new West-line begins to operate in the end of 2015.

Also starting from 2010 Finnish State Railways (VR) is implementing WLAN and GSM/GSM-R services to its InterCity and Pendolino trains, GSM-R installed in all locomotives.

Finnish company Mitron Oy trust on H+S Sencity antenna products and RF-cable assemblies in their Information and Security systems for trains, trams and metro.

In addition, Orbis Oy has delivered Sencity Avant antennas to bus manufacturers allowing several services for passengers, using only one rooftop antenna.

Altogether Orbis has delivered over 5000 antennas to these projects.