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Do you want all products for the base station cabling from one trader? We offer fiber optic, RF and power supply cabling compatible with most device manufactures. This is possible due to Orbis’s own production. Basic portfolio is always available from our stock. Orbis OptoMast™  is our FTTA-solution, which has been demonstrating its reliability since 2007.

Fiber Optic, RF, Power Supply or anything else?

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Base Station Products

Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA)

FTTA is a new application for fiber optic products. The traditional radio frequency transfer line (RF feederline) from the base station up to the Radio Remote Unit (RRU) on the top of the mast is now replaced with fiber transfer line (FO feederline). The major benefit from fiber optic data transfer is the low loss within the high frequency technologies such as WCDMA and LTE. An FTTA system requires only on feederline.