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Defence industry

Products developed for Defense Industry

Do you want to choose only high technical performance or approved supplier for your critical systems? A Finnish company Orbis Oy has provided for decades data transmission products for demanding data transmission networks by the authorities, for example radar applications.


Lightning Protectors and Data Line Protectors

Between May and September there are thunderstorms on 100 days in somewhere in Finland. A lightning bolt seeks out a channel for disruption such as high metal mast on base station.

The portfolio of Huber+Suhner lightning protection (EMP) products covers wide range of protection for RF and data components (Ethernet, RJ45). Our experts help you to choose the best product for you application. Products have 10 year warranty.


Electromagnetic Field Safety Meters

From Orbis these products are only available in Finland.

Personal safety is something we are all concerned about, including RF and electromagnetic fields and their effects on safety. There are more and more devices communicating by RF and their use has exploded.

Electromagnetic field is a challenge due to its nature: one can not feel, taste, smell or hear it. We as humans simply do not sense it (at least not until real tissue damage). The most dangerous frequency area to humans is between 30-300 MHz.