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The first pre-commercial version of the smart pole is ready


The collaboration within the Nokia-driven LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has progressed nicely despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The extensive company consortium developing a digital backbone for the Smart City has now reached an important milestone when its key element, 5G smart pole, has progressed from development stage into pre-commercial product. It is in fact a product family of smart poles, which can meet the various needs of cities.

A unique smart city pilot goes live in Espoo, Finland


A company consortium led by Nokia is targeting the global smart city markets, worth tens of billions of euros.  The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has just completed a one-of-a-kind piloting environment that boosts the development of new data-driven services for cities both in Finland and abroad. It covers the route from Nokia HQ Campus in Espoo, Finland, to the near-by Kera railway station.

Orbis cabling and integration expertise is key for smart pole functionalities


LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is developing its smart pole concept towards commercialization within two years. The joint effort of several companies and research institutions is proceeding well, and in May 2020 a pilot route of 15 smart poles will be completed in Kera, Espoo. Orbis Oy is responsible for the cabling, connections and assembly of the poles, which means active spring for the Orbis crew.