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OptoMast™ Smart City takes over cabling for smart poles, 5G and IoT


In the smart city of the future, information is provided by the numerous services, and these services also adapt based on the information. It is becoming more and more critical that data connections are reliable. The new technology is based on the sensors and network connected devices that need both communication and power supply cabling.

Mobile Networks

Do you want all products for the base station cabling from one trader? We offer fiber optic, RF and power supply cabling compatible with most device manufactures. This is possible due to Orbis’s own production. Basic portfolio is always available from our stock. Orbis OptoMast™  is our FTTA-solution, which has been demonstrating its reliability since 2007.

Fiber Optic, RF, Power Supply or anything else?

We have plenty of choices in our product assortment: