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In-Building Network


FTTH cable assemblies

Orbis manufactures Fiber-To-The-Home, FTTH, cable assemblies. In one single mode OS2, LSZH cable there are four fibers. They are used as building backbone cabling from building distributor to home distributor in residential buildings’ fiber optic network.

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Case Story: Järvenpää’s Social Service and Health Care Center


It was worth to try the solution offered by Orbis

Järvenpää city with 40 000 inhabitants have decided to be a pioneer in the social service and health care reform in Finland: the new Social and Health Center combines at least ten separate units under one roof. The building has been recognized by its customer focused design. It also contains the latest technology in solution for Indoor Coverage. Orbion Consulting managed this solution, both design and construction.

In-Building Networks

In accordance with building regulations

Inside the building data is transferred in several channels: fiber optic cables, wireless networks, twisted-pair cables and antenna networks. Local authorities make directives how networks should be built in apartments, offices and public buildings. It defines network materials and documentation. Directive helps to keep up quality, compatibility and availability of services.