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Are you looking for a ready-made solution for cabling and connecting a mobile network base station or some smart city devices? Orbis OptoMast™ solution covers fiber optic, RF, Category and power supply cabling. It is flexible, durable and easy-to-install, and has proven its reliability in mobile networks since 2007. The basic OptoMast™ product range is available right from stock. Our own agile production also enables us to offer you tailored device- and customer-specific variations.

What are the benefits of a ready-made cabling solution?Mobiiliverkon tukiasema

The planning of cabling and connections might sound like a minor detail when building a mobile network or smart city. But in fact, it is the details that matter when the aim is to install, maintain or upgrade a base station or a smart city solution cost-effectively. The ease of sourcing materials and the smoothness of deliveries help the project stay on schedule.

Base station cabling in mobile network

OptoMast™ solution has many features that make it easier to install, upgrade, and repair. OptoMast™ consists of a trunk cable and a connection box from which shorter jumper cables are connected to the active devices. When replacing or adding devices, you only need to upgrade the jumper cables with the appropriate connectors.

A smart pole contributes to data transfer in a smart city

Orbis 5G

The cabling and devices required for a 5G mobile network base station or other digital platforms in the smart city are designed to improve the urban landscape. They can be a part of other infrastructure e.g. a bus station or a light pole. Orbis develops together with its partners new solutions for these smart city needs. First pilots of smart poles have been made since 2019.

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