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Do you want all products for the base station cabling from one trader? We offer fiber optic, RF and power supply cabling compatible with most device manufactures. This is possible due to Orbis’s own production. Basic portfolio is always available from our stock. Orbis OptoMast™  is our FTTA-solution, which has been demonstrating its reliability since 2007.

Fiber Optic, RF, Power Supply or anything else?

We have plenty of choices in our product assortment:

  • FTTA – fiber to the antenna
  • PTTA - power to the antenna
  • Hybrid cables (fiber optic) and power supply in one cable
  • Radiolink, 5G and IoT solutions
  • RF-jumpers and  supplies
  • Alarm cables (MDR, RJ45, RET)
  • Cold shrink tube

What and how to build?

The best and the most competitive option can be found in close cooperation with customer, so be in touch with our sale experts. Solution consists of:

  • Base station manufacturer
  • The type of base station
  • Terrain or real estate
  • Operator specific installation methods
  • Technical requirements
  • Chain of subcontracting and logistics

Why OptoMast is better?

  • The price is competitive
  • Has been in use since 2007
  • Reliable connection, because lower end has 2mm piping, that reduce the breaking of connectors 
  • Both ends have numbered fibers, which simplify installation
  • In a cramped spaces, power supply cable with 84mm diameter requires less space and is easier to handle
  • Stainless steel mounting plate is endures all conditions
  • You can even step on the durable case with safety shoes
  • Strain relief of the cable can withstand rough handling
  • All possible installation sites are taken into account in mounting plates

How OptoMast Power can save time and efforts?

  • With one code you can order everything you need for a power supply cabling
  • Fast installation, because assembly is already manufactured
  • There are many versions for different device manufacturers. Also if necessary with overvoltage protection.

Delivery immediately from the stock

The basic models of base station cable products are always available from our storage with one day delivery or you can get them immediately by picking up products from warehouse by yourself.

Worbis.fi serves 24/7

Basic supplies can be ordered in Finland from our online shop worbis.fi, which also shows customer specific prices, availability, delivery tracking information and order history. An order can be done at any time of the day. You can get your personal login to the online shop from your contact person or send request to our customer service!

It is possible also through SLO  

In Finland since spring 2016 our base station products are available also from wholesaler SLO.

Download the brochure Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies >>

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