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Tools for electronics’ testing and measuring

Do test in R&D or in production line that a circuit board works right and data transmission meets given criteria? Orbis is known supplier for very high quality test and measurement components, RF cables, text fixtures and test probes.

Test fixtures and probes are used in R&D and production testing of electronics and telecommunication devices. They inspect that designed or assembled circuit boards operate as planned and data is transferred according to specifications. German based Ingun has been developing, manufacturing and selling Testing Equipment for various fields and offers an unsurpassed choice of Test Probes and Test Fixtures. Ingun works closely together with its customers to plan and develop special solutions for special testing demands.

Our portfolio of RF components for testing and measuring is comprehensive. Depending on application products are also available in various performance and price levels. The top technical level and most reliable quality is represented by Huber+Suhner. Orbis has been their local supplier for decades in Finland.

In test and measurement applications it is also used many kinds of cables. Our cable portfolio includes various choices and our own production makes customer tailored RF and fiber optic cable assemblies.


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