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In-Building Networks

In accordance with building regulations

Inside the building data is transferred in several channels: fiber optic cables, wireless networks, twisted-pair cables and antenna networks. Local authorities make directives how networks should be built in apartments, offices and public buildings. It defines network materials and documentation. Directive helps to keep up quality, compatibility and availability of services.

Comprehensive supply for In-Building Networks

If you need to, you can get from Orbis all related service to the In-Building Network solution approved by the operator, including design, materials, installation, commissioning and documentation.

Solutions for coverage problems

The mobile operator signal becomes weaker or may have blind spots inside large buildings and in underground. It may lead to that services are not available. In many cases it does not help to add more outdoor mobile stations. New buildings and renovations (e.g. energy saving methods) may cause unexpected problems to network communication. The mobile network coverage has become a new challenge inside buildings.

With Orbis’s solutions radio frequency signals can be transmitted in a simple way: grab the desired frequencies from different base stations, amplify them in repeaters and transmit further with indoor antennas. This is called a distributed antenna system (In-Building Network). For a huge real estate also a base station can be established inside the building, which may require from a property owner also cooling and power devices as well as service organization. Next picture illustrates Orbis’s complete solution for different networks.

5G compatible products

Orbis 5GDesigners and constructors of new buildings should already take in consideration the requirements for future mobile networks. This way future services will also be available indoors. The upcoming 5G mobile technology operates in 3500 MHz frequency, which is also the technical requirement for network components.

Orbis' portfolio includes all 5G compatible components for installation of an indoor mobile coverage network.



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