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The global coronavirus pandemic is also affecting the telecommunications industry and data transfer capacity is loaded. For our part, we strive to meet the challenge. The functions and services of our company, as well as the manufacturing in our factory, continue as normal but adapt to the situation.  

Health first

We have made operational adjustments to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for our staff and for those dealing with us. We take the situation seriously and follow the recommendations of the authorities. We have, for example, shifted our employees from the office to remote work and our sales staff arranges meetings with customers mainly remotely.      

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We strive to minimize disruption to customer deliveries. However, there are expected delays in international shipments compared to the normal situation. We will notify our customers as soon as we receive further delivery-specific information.

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Business cooperation produces smart pole


Hiedanrannan älypylväs

Orbis Oy, together with DNA Oyj and Tehomet Oy, has built a smart pole in the Hiedanranta district in Tampere, Finland. The pilot project combined the expertise of all three companies and provided valuable experience for developing new smart city solutions.

The expansion in digital services and new technologies requires a data communication infrastructure that can transfer large amounts of data wirelessly and reliably in real time. Smart pole technology is being integrated into the urban environment as discreetly as possible while protecting it from vandalism. The pole functions as a base for various devices and sensors, and within the reach it brings services to city residents and companies. The Hiedanranta pilot pole incorporates not only a mobile network base station but also controllable LED lights, CCTV camera, a USB charging point and a bench for resting.

"The first product development version of a smart pole suitable for a park environment has been built in Hiedanranta. Through our collaboration we were able to create a functioning solution that meets the data transfer needs of the future," says Anu Peussa of Orbis Oy, who headed the project.

Challenges inspire innovation

According to Sami Huuskonen of Tehomet Oy, which was responsible for the design and manufacture of the pole, the overall appearance in the cityscape has to be taken into consideration: “I feel that it is important to ensure that the equipment is disguised and integrated as far as possible in order to avoid an uncoordinated urban environment.” Because the pilot pole combines lighting with other equipment, it took time to create the design in order to ensure that all the components would fit into the finished solution as planned. 

In addition to being responsible for running the pilot project, Orbis Oy is also behind the cabling and connectivity solutions for integrated data transfer and power supply. The smart pole as an installation environment and the interfaces of the various devices meant that there was a lot to be developed. The limited space inside the pole posed the greatest challenge. Cables were grouped together, technologies were combined into hybrid solutions and new, small and weather-proof connection boxes were developed. In addition, there are extra connection points in the pole which ensure that more devices can be flexibly added in the future if needed. 

"In the 5G mobile network, base stations are being built in close distances so in addition to smart poles, cabling will be integrated into other street elements, such as bus stops," Anu Peussa explains.

Cities steer development

These days, data communication services are no longer solely in the hands of telecommunication operators. End users and cities play a key role in determining needs and construction sites because they decide what kind of services are needed and desired. 

For Hiedanranta the vision of the City of Tampere is to be an attractive district for its residents and companies operating in the area. Hiedanranta is a place for innovation that serves as a development environment and a platform for collaboration for smart and sustainable urban development projects and experiments. Hiedanranta's aim is to be an example for a smart city district, making the area a suitable location for the smart pole pilot project. “The city wants to be a facilitator for trialing of various types of solutions. It would be good to find a common solution that is largely based on the existing urban environment. In order to speed up the construction of data communications networks, we want that the construction is carried out all at once, which helps us to maintain an aesthetically pleasing urban environment. In normal construction, we make reservations for the growing demand for data communications,” says the City of Tampere's Project Manager, Mika Heikkilä about the construction of a smart city environment.

Telecommunication operator DNA Oyj's Tero Seppälä participated in the smart pole project as a technical expert. He sees potential in smart poles: "This is a new business concept for DNA. We are interested to see how this project will develop and what form potential cooperation with other cities will take." Seppälä provided important support for the construction of the pilot pole, for instance by providing information on the physical size and power requirements of the mobile network equipment and on development trends of 5G technology. 

A concrete example is helpful for the planning of future needs and Anu Peussa of Orbis Oy would like the developers of smart cities to visit Tampere to learn about the smart pole: "We are particularly interested in presenting the Hiedanranta pilot project to city representatives who are responsible for digitalization and data transfer." Sami Huuskonen of Tehomet Oy adds: ”The aim is to start a dialog about the benefits and challenges of integration of various technologies into urban infrastructure.”

More smart poles are already in the pipeline

Orbis and Tehomet continue the cooperation on smart poles. Both companies are involved in the construction of the next pilots in the LuxTurrim5G+ project in Espoo headed by Nokia. The aim of the project is to productize the smart pole concept into a modular product family suitable for different urban environments.  


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•05/11/2019 Press release: The LuxTurrim5G smart city project, headed by Nokia, is expanding
•18/06/2019 Press release: Smart pole pilot project underway in Hiedanranta in Tampere
•24/10/2018 Orbis blog: What kind of 5G base station is in a light pole?

About Orbis Oy 

The Finnish family-owned company Orbis Oy has operated at the forefront of the technology since 1949. Today we develop solutions for the digital society and its next generation mobile networks and smart cities. We offer know-how on RF and fiber optic cabling technologies, which are needed to ensure reliable data communication in buildings, data centers, devices and industry as well as in smart cities and telecom operator networks. Our head office is located in Finland and we operate also in the Baltic states and Russia.  

About Tehomet Oy   

About DNA Oyj


Photo 1: The smart pole was raised into position in Hiedanranta in Tampere on 11 September, 2019.

Älypylvään nosto Hiedanrannassa

Photo 2: The smart pole ready for operation in Hiedanranta in Tampere.

Älypylväs toimintavalmiina Hiedanrannassa

Photo 3: At the base of the smart pole there is a bench for resting and a charging point for visitors in the park. Equipment relating to the smart pole technology can be housed inside the bench.

Älypylvään alaosassa on levähdyspenkki, latauspiste ja tekniikkaan liittyviä laitteita

Photo 4: At the top of the smart pole there is a CCTV camera and LED lights, while the mobile network base station equipment is located underneath a protective cover.

Älypylvään yläosassa on valvontakamera, LED-valot ja suojakuoren alla mobiiliverkon tukiaseman laitteistoa

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Nokia driven LuxTurrim5G smart city ecosystem extending


LuxTurrim5G street photo

Nokia, together with a multidisciplinary group of companies and research groups, is creating the digital backbone of the smart city and new data-based services. In the second phase of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem projects, the recently developed 5G smart pole concept is moving towards productization and practical piloting. Another major goal is to create a platform utilizing a wide variety of data in a reliable and secured way and develop new digital services to meet real needs of cities. This includes also evaluating and piloting of a Neutral host operating model for high-speed city networks. Through a two-year, EUR 26 million, intensive co-development effort the group of 26 partners target the global smart city markets worth tens of billions euros.

The first phase of the LuxTurrim5G project, which ended in May, successfully developed the 5G smart pole concept, which integrates the 5G base station, weather and air quality sensors, video cameras, monitors electric vehicle charging unit and other active devices. The good results and the first pilots at the Nokia Campus in Espoo, Finland have attracted a lot of interest around the world and given the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem a boost for further expansion. 

A number of new companies are joining the second phase of the development and altogether 26 partners and well over a hundred experts in various fields are working closely together to develop and evaluate new solutions for e.g. 5G radio technology, data processing, materials, sensors and urban design. New service concepts and business models are being developed for transport, logistics, energy management, urban infrastructure, health and safety, and network operations.

This extensive joint development coordinated by Spinverse consists of two closely related projects: LuxTurrim5G+ focusing on the productization of the smart pole concept and extension of the 5G smart pole pilot network in Kera neighbourhood in Espoo, while the Neutral Host Pilot project focuses on data-driven business and service development, intelligent network construction and operation models.

”Both mobile operators and cities would like to have a common data platform, which does not yet exist. We now have a great opportunity to join forces and bring together smart light poles and data platform to boost the sustainable development of urban areas,” says the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem leader, Juha Salmelin from Nokia.

LuxTurrim5G network forms the digital backbone of smart city

5G technology is expected to revolutionize many fields. Smart cities are eagerly waiting for 5G networks for super-fast connectivity and huge amounts of online data enabling new services they need. Building a dense 5G network based on smart light poles brings, however, both new challenges and opportunities. New operating models are needed for smart city infrastructure planning.

”Via these new information flows we enable people’s ability to act in a smart and ecological way in an urban environment, also in its planning, designing and construction. We bring new kind of predictive information at hand concerning city functions, such as what is the status of infrastructure, what is the air quality indoor and outdoor, how to avoid traffic jams and what is the safest route to walk to school, says CEO, Jyrki Keinänen, AINS Group.

Together with AINS Group, companies like Sitowise, Caruna, Destia and the City of Espoo are involved in the planning and implementation of the novel city infrastructure. The pole development in turn is driven by Tehomet and Orbis. Modern Urban Planning tools developed by Sitowise including 3D city models and digital twins enable efficient data utilization already during the construction phase. Co-construction of electricity and telecommunications networks driven by Caruna brings cost efficiency, speed and functionality.

Mobilizing data – widely and reliably

The LuxTurrim5G smart pole network creates the digital backbone of the smart city. It provides a high-speed communications platform and creates an extensive sensor network that can collect a wide range of different data, for example, on environment, traffic, weather, energy usage. This is important to be able to build comprehensive situational awareness for the city. In addition, cities have already a large amount of own data available that could be used to develop a variety of new useful services. The aim of the project is to create a data platform capable of receiving, handling and enriching these large masses of data from various sources in a reliable and efficient manner for use cases. In this project, one area of research is the Neutral host operator model, where a "neutral" local operator would take care of building and operating the urban 5G network and providing a data platform for service providers. The rules of the data market are a key issue that will be addressed also by researchers of VTT, Aalto and University of Helsinki. The project aims not only to investigate different scenarios and business models, but also to pilot the Neutral host operating model in practice in the Kera neighbourhood in Espoo.

“Neutral Host models could allow cost-efficient building of 5G network services in cities and along transport routes. Building out 5G extensively will probably require new approaches to, for example, business models and infrastructure sharing between operators, as well as telecom and spectrum regulation enabling these new solutions. We see clear socio-economic benefits in co-operative models of building the future digital infrastructure, says Heidi Himmanen from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom's 5G Momentum ecosystem.

New digital services for the smart city

Smooth mobility, transport and logistics are one of the major everyday challenges that will make the smart city breathe in the right pace and save time and costs. The GACHA Robot Bus by Sensible 4, recently awarded as the world's best start-up for self-driving vehicles, utilizes the high-speed 5G network and contributes to the expansion of the sensor platform. Vediafi and Agora Networks, in turn, are developing together with VTT new solutions for the last mile logistics to ensure efficient supply chains in a city. Urban planning and new operating models and services related to construction is a development area being taken forward by Sitowise and A-Insinöörit. New energy solutions and services are being developed by Caruna. Driven by Vaisala, weather and air quality data are widely utilized to develop specific services for traffic management, energy management and preventive health. Link Design in turn brings service design as part of the joint work. From a city perspective, a comprehensive, up-to-date on-line situational awareness on e.g. safety, environmental, traffic and energy issues is a major new opportunity provided by the smart light pole network with its high-speed 5G connections and extensive data base gathered by the wide sensor network and Teleste's video management solutions. 

“We are delighted to continue the productive collaboration with Nokia and the research consortium to roll out dense observation networks and digital air quality mapping and forecasting to create healthy, resilient and efficient urban environments,” says Erik Sucksdorff, Head of Strategy and Business Development for Vaisala’s Weather and Environment Business Area

Smart and green Espoo – aiming for a smooth, healthy and safe everyday life

Espoo aims to be Europe's most sustainable city and carbon-neutral in the 2020s. Clean technology solutions will be developed and implemented with partners to support sustainable growth. Together with businesses, the city is at the forefront of smart urban development, climate work and the circular economy. The Kera area will undergo major changes in the 2020s.

“The new Kera is the first place on the city rail line to build the smart city of the future. There is a need for sustainable urban development that can be enabled by digital platforms. Together with our partners, we are actively developing smart and clean solutions that enable sustainable growth,” says Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo. “An intelligent city is being built in Espoo in a population and customer-oriented way. The goal is a smooth, healthy and safe everyday life”, Mayor Mäkelä continues.

The Kera area will be transformed to an urban and smart district with at least 14,000 residents and 10,000 jobs. There are already large corporate headquarters in Kera and the new change is beginning with the revival of silent and crumbling industrial halls for temporary use. Kera will be built into a pearl of sustainable urban development and an international reference point where the city, together with its partners, will create new clean and intelligent solutions that make life easier for residents. The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem plays an important role in Kera's development. The modern Kera, which will be built in the coming years, will provide a significant pilot ground for new smart city solutions, which will also pave the way for larger international projects. Espoo's role as a UN model city for sustainable development contributes to this. The first pilot phase, to be completed by the end of this year, will provide a network of 15 smart light poles covering the route from Nokia's Campus to Kera railway station supporting also the self-driving robotic bus service. Next year the plans include already first international pilots.


The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem consists of two parallel projects funded by the participating companies and Business Finland:

LuxTurrim5G +

•Nokia Bell Labs: project lead, 5G radio technology & networks
•Spinverse: project & ecosystem coordination  
•Premix: specific materials for antenna radomes 
•Teleste: city safety and information solutions 
•Vaisala: environmental & weather-related services 
•Indagon: positioning technologies & services 
•Ensto: luminaires, electric vehicle charging 
•Rumble Tools: Drones, drone docking station & services 
•Orbis: cabling, connections, integration 
•Tehomet: smart pole design & manufacturing 
•Destia: street lighting & infrastructure 
•Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT): radio technology, positioning, connectivity platform development 
•Aalto University: radio technology, thermal/energy management, design
•Tampere University: mechanics & sustainable materials development
 Contact persons: Pekka Wainio, Nokia Bell Labs & Joni Turunen, Spinverse

Read more about LuxTurrim5G + >>


Neutral Host Pilot

•Nokia:  project lead, data platform, 5G radio technology & networks
•Spinverse: project & ecosystem coordination  
•Sitowise: Urban planning and 5G city infrastructure
•Caruna: Energy distribution network and 5G infrastructure 
•Vaisala: Air quality & environmental observation related services in a city environment 
•A-Insinöörit: Integrated city development and utilization of 5G in construction 
•Link Design & Development: Service design development 
•Vediafi: Last mile logistics services
•Agora Networks: Last mile delivery services
•Sensible 4: autonomous driving system 
•City of Espoo: Smart city and Kera area development
•Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom: support for 5G trials and development of enabling regulation
•Aalto University: Smart city business and value network modelling
•VTT: Data operator business architecture and operation models
•University of Helsinki: Legal and regulatory environment
Contact persons: Juha Salmelin, Nokia & Pekka Torvinen, Spinverse


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Orbis is selected to the LuxTurrim5G+ project



LuxTurrim5G is a Nokia Bell Labs driven ecosystem project, which started in 2017. It develops and demonstrates a fast 5G network based on smart light poles with other devices. Now this project continues to second phase, consisting of two highly interlinked projects: LuxTurrim5G+ and Neutral Host Pilot.

The aim of the LuxTurrim5G+ is now to prepare the smart pole concept for productization and wider pilot implementations both in Finland and globally.

Expertise in cabling and connections

New partner companies were invited to the second phase of the project to bring their expertise for the joint development. Orbis is one of the selected new partners.

Orbis brings important expertise to the development of flexible solutions for cabling and connections. Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, the company has solid expertise in data transmission, radio frequency and fiber optic technologies. “We are very excited to join the LuxTurrim5G+ project where together with other partner companies we can create an innovative connectivity platform that enables new services, creates value for the cities and opens up new business opportunities globally”, says Jani Linna-Aro, CEO of Orbis.

Luxturrim5G pilot 15th Aug 2019

Photo: First smart pole installation in Espoo on 15th August 2019.


Read the full project announcement on the project website>>

See also Nokia driven LuxTurrim5G smart city ecosystem extending>>

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Orbis' fiber optic products at SLO store in Tallinn


SLO Tallinna

[Loe siit eesti keeles] [Читайте по-русски здес]

Orbis' fiber optic products are now available at SLO store in Tallinn, address: Kesk-Sõjamäe 3a, 11415 Tallinn.

Products include basic installation components for fiber optic networks: patch cords, cross-connection panels, adapters, splicing and cleaning accessories.


GiftGift included

Useful Orbis-key chain will be included to all orders of Orbis' products at the store until the end of year 2019.

Ask for more!

The product portfolio at the store will be developed by customers requests. So, in case you want to see some other Orbis' products available on the shelf, make a request at the store! Orbis provides a wide range of products for in-building and telecom networks, mobile networks, data centers and industry networks. View more on our webshop Worbis

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Orbise kiudoptilised tooted Tallinnas SLO kaupluses

Orbise kiudoptilised tooted on nüüd saadaval SLO müügikontoris Tallinnas, aadressil Kesk-Sõjamäe 3a.

Toodete hulka kuuluvad põhilised kiudoptiliste toodete paigalduskomponendid: ühenduskaablid, ristühenduste paneelid, üleminekud, keevitus- ja puhastustarvikud.


GiftOstuga kaasa kingitus!

Kõigile Orbise toodete ostjatele anname kasuliku kingituse - spetsiaalse võtmehoidja. Kampaania kestab 2019 aasta lõpuni.

Küsi lisa!

Orbis pakub laias valikus tooteid hoonete sise- ja välistelekommunikatsiooni võrkude, mobiilsidevõrkude, andmesidekeskuste ja tööstusandmesidevõrkude jaoks. SLO müügikontori tootesortiment on välja töötatud klientide soovide järgi. Kui teil on soov saada ka teisi Orbise tooteid, andke sellest märku!

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Oптоволоконные изделия Orbis в магазине SLO в Таллинне

Оптоволоконные изделия Orbis теперь доступны в магазине SLO в Таллинне по адресу: Kesk-Sõjamäe 3a, 11415 Tallinn.

Изделия включают в себя основные компоненты для монтажа оптоволоконных сетей: патч-корды, панели кроссовых соединений, адаптеры, аксессуары для сварки волокон и средства чистки.


GiftПодарок включен

Все покупатели изделий Orbis получат с заказом небольшой подарок - полезный брелок для ключей. Кампания в магазине продлится до конца 2019 года.

Узнай больше!

Orbis предлагает широкий ассортимент продукции для внутренних и телекоммуникационных сетей, мобильных сетей, дата-центров и промышленных сетей. Ассортимент изделий в магазине SLO разрабатывается по запросам покупателей. В случае, если вам нужен какой-то другой продукт Orbis, сделайте запрос в магазине!

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Orbis Oy builds new production facilities in Estonia


For 20 years, Orbis Oy has been manufacturing customized telecom cable assemblies in Saue, Estonia. In March 2019, an agreement was signed to build a new property for Orbis’ production.

Orbis Saue uusi tehdas

This year, Orbis Oy, a Finnish family business, celebrates its 70th anniversary. In addition to importing components, the company started manufacturing its own products in the 1990s. In 1999, Orbis Oy Eesti filiaal was established in Estonia, and the production of RF cables, fiber optic cables and system assemblies was transferred there. Today, the Estonian branch also manufactures twisted pair cable assemblies. Own manufacturing site is also the foundation for Orbis' own product development.

In the future, the customized solutions will play an important role in creating a competitive advantage for Orbis Oy. "We are looking forward to increase the share of our own products and R&D solutions," emphasizes Jani Linna-Aro, CEO of Orbis, and continues: "This investment in new production facilities enhances production processes and enables greater production volumes."

The new factory will be built by Vintselle OÜ and it will be located about half a kilometer away from the current site. When designing the new premises, a special attention was paid on the required space for the extensive product portfolio. Also, important feature is the critical environmental cleanliness of the manufacture of fiber optic products. Asko Kaldas, the Department director of 30 employees, says: "Getting production to one floor brings many improvements. We will be able to produce more versatile portfolio, for example, by making assemblies that combine different technologies."

The new factory building is expected to be completed in summer 2020.

More information

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Orbis' warehouse moves to larger space


Starting from 11th March 2019 Orbis' warehouse and pickup store in Finland are located at Taivaltie 5, 01610 Vantaa. The new place is less than a kilometre away from Orbis' office at Vanha Kaarelantie 9.

The new warehouse has more space and better loading dock for trucks. Entrance is located on the northern side of the building.

Service hours

Warehouse and pickup store are open on workdays between 8:00 and 16:00. In case you have any questions, please contact our customer service +358 20 478 8600.

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New CEO appointed in Orbis Oy


Orbis70Starting from 1st of January, 2019 Jani Linna-Aro, M.Sc. has been appointed to  CEO in Orbis Oy. Mr. Markku Linna-Aro continues as the chairman of the board.

Orbis Oy was founded by Leo Linna-Aro in 1949, so this year is company's 70th anniversary and Jani Linna-Aro continues in third generation the family owned business.

For the future prospects of Orbis Oy Jani Linna-Aro comments as follows: "The expertise, solutions and experience of Orbis are naturally combined with the needs of future smart cities. For example the 5G mobile networks, in-building networks and data centers are the infrastructure of digital services.”

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Jani Linna-Aro aloittaa Orbiksen toimitusjohtajana


Orbis Oy participates in developing autonomous datacenters


In November 2018 Orbis Oy was accepted to participate AutoDC project which is an international Eureka project. In Finland the project is coordinated and funded by Business Finland.

The aim of AutoDC is to provide an innovative design framework for autonomous data centers to enable ongoing operation and self-healing independent of contextual interference, e.g. intermittent power failure or overheating, without the need for any human intervention. The project involves organizations from four different countries.

Read more about the project

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