Future Data Summit, Espoo


Future Data Summit

Finnish Data Center Forum arranges in 19th September 2018 a data center event in Dipoli at Espoo. Orbis Oy participates on a stand number 11.


  • Global Cloud services and platforms
  • Cloud automation and cloud security
  • Smart Data center solutions and platforms of the future
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning – do we need humans?
  • Robotic process automation in the cloud

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OptoMast™ Smart City takes over cabling for smart poles, 5G and IoT


In the smart city of the future, information is provided by the numerous services, and these services also adapt based on the information. It is becoming more and more critical that data connections are reliable. The new technology is based on the sensors and network connected devices that need both communication and power supply cabling. The new Smart City generation of the Orbis OptoMast™ product family is an easy-to-install and reliable cabling solution for smart poles, IoT applications and mobile network base stations.

Since 2007, Orbis OptoMast™ products have served as a cabling solution for tens of thousands of mobile network stations for data transmission and power supply needs. Detailed design of the OptoMast™ solution enables smooth, and cost-effective installation and reliable, robust cabling - even under extreme conditions. The supply chain can be flexibly adapted to the construction schedule.

Small size is a requirement in smart poles and 5G base stations

Orbis OptoMast Smart CityOne component of a future city is a smart pole, which integrates multiple functionalities, such as controllable LED lighting, display boards, wireless network access points, surveillance cameras or weather stations. OptoMast™ Smart City cabling can serve a variety of devices.

The smart pole application and the mast of a 5G base station both have limited space for cabling. In the new OptoMast™ product line, space saving has been achieved in two ways.

The space required for the connections is determined by the cable ports, bending radius, and connector sizes. First, the connection box was re-designed to be as small as possible. If fuses are required for the power supply, they are now located in a separate fuse box mounted on the bottom of the mast.

The second solution for space saving is a hybrid cable or a hybrid enclosure. In the hybrid cable, both the fiber optic and power supply are transmitted through the same cable jacket and they are separated only in the enclosure for connections. The hybrid cable can also be used without a box, for example in an IoT application. Alternatively, a hybrid solution can be constructed from separate communication and power cables that are connected in a common hybrid enclosure.

For more information on the new versions of the OptoMast™ Smart City generation, please turn to Orbis sales. We will continue our product development, for the development of new services and technologies will naturally affect the cabling solutions as well.

Orbis Oy participated at the SähköTeleValoAV trade fair in Jyväskylä 7-9. Feb 2018 with new 5G-compatible product line Orbis OptoMastTM. The product is 5G compatible and was attached to wooden telecom mast made by Ecotelligent.

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Fiber optic panels on video


Fiber optic panel videos

On our new videos Harri Mutanen presents 19 inch fiber optic panels with and without pre-assemblies. Turn on English subtitles!

Do you know all the details of a patch panel?

There are important features for installation work on a 19 inch fiber optic panel, which we show on this video.

Make network installation more efficient with pre-assemblies

Our second panel video is about pre-assembled panels and panels with cable assemblies. Dust protected adapters provide operational reliability to the network.


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Appointment news


In June 2017, Anna-Maria Nurmela started at Orbis Oy as Sales assistant. She has graduated as Master of International relations from Tallinn University of Technology. She has worked several years in Estonia and USA.

Marja Mikkola started in November 2017 at Orbis Oy as Marketing Specialist with the responsibility of product data management. She has previously worked in marketing and quality positions at GE Healthcare Finland.

In January 2018, Anne Pajalin has been appointed to Project Manager for Russian Operations in Orbis Oy. Mrs. Pajalin has long work experience with Russia related positions both in Finland and Russia. Before Orbis she worked in railway company VR Group.


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Starting from November 2017, Jani Linna-Aro, M. Sc., has been appointed to Business Development Director at Orbis Oy. He previously worked as IT Leader at Deloitte.

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