Quality Cable Assemblies from Orbis


Quality Cable Assemblies from Orbis

From Orbis you can have cable assemblies with required lenghts and connectors. In addition to our vendors porfolio Orbis' own production located in Saue, Estonia also manufactures technically demanding high-quality cable assemblies. Test reports can be delivered with cables, even for each cable if required so.

Our manufacturing plant delivers ordered cables cost-effectively and quickly directly to our customers.

Flexible high frequency (RF)-cables

  • Up to 18 GHz
  • Traditional RG cable assemblies
  • Environmentally friendly EnviroFlex cable assemblies

Phase matched cable assemblies

  • Even +- 0,2 degrees GHz / m

Microwave cable assemblies

  • Up to 18GHz
  • Handformable SucoForm cable assemblies
  • Form-stable Semi-Rigid cable assemblies

Ultra-miniature cable assemblies

  • MuRaTa GSC compatible
  • Hirose U.FL/U.FL(V) compatible

Fiber optic cable assemblies

  • Single and multimode patch cords
  • Pigtails


Ask also about our distribution panels and boxes!

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Orbis Service establishes a new company MitTest Oy


Orbis Service establishes a new company MitTest Oy

Starting on 1st March 2011 Orbis Service in the area of Finland, Sweden and Baltic States is moved to MitTest Oy.

The new service company is owned by its employees who have tens of years of experience with service and calibration of test and measurement instruments e.g. at Orbis and Rohde&Schwartz. MitTest Oy provides service for all verdors' instruments.

Orbis and MitTest will have close co-operation also in the future to ensure the best possible service and support for customers with test and measurement instruments.

Orbis introduces a fault tolerant power distribution solution Orbis OptoMast Smart Power for base stations


Orbis introduces a fault tolerant power distribution solution for base stations

Finnish Orbis Oy has developed a novel power distribution solution for active components in base stations. Orbis OptoMast Smart Power improves reliability of operation in base stations and facilitates maintenance. Smart's current distribution modules work independently and reset automatically whenever faults occur. Thanks to this, one faulty module will not interfere with other functions in the base station. Smart Power is a great match for previously designed OptoMast Fiber, an optical fibre solution for data transfer in base stations.

Orbis OptoMast Smart Power supplies power through a single main cable from the base station's equipment bay to the active components up in the mast. Current is then distributed from a link box, installed close to the antennas, to different components through snap-action cables. Before, each component needed an individual power supply cable, which made base station installations laborious and time-consuming.

Smart's registered design includes link boxes housing the current distributor modules that protect the active components from under and over-voltage, such as voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes. After a fault situation, the module automatically resets from protection mode to normal mode. One module in protection mode doesn't stop the other components from working, thereby improving reliability of base stations.

Automatic module reset saves many maintenance calls. The modules are also easily replaceable one by one. Smart definitely makes maintaining base stations easier especially in summer, when lightning strikes occur. The product has been found durable and safe in EMC and environmental condition tests in accordance with the applicable standards.

The OptoMast product line has been designed and developed since 2007 in cooperation with Finnish operators. Several thousands of Orbis Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) solutions have been installed all over the country. The first base station installations with both OptoMast Fiber and OptoMast Smart Power were made in Southern Finland early in the autumn in 2010. The updated product line will be actively introduced in 2011.


Huber+Suhner launces new antennas for WiFi, RFID and MIMO


Huber+Suhner launces new antennas for WiFi, RFID and MIMO

H+S Sencity Spot-S WiFi and RFID antennas

Huber+Suhner has launced new Sencity Spot-S WLAN and RFID directional antennas fit for indoor and outdoor antenna solutions even at harsh environmental conditions.

Due to small size (100 x 80 x 35 mm) antenna place for installation is easy to find. Brackets for wall and pole mounting are available.

Antennas support several frequency bands, vertical polarization, dual-slant diversity and MIMO. Different versions include 2,4 GHz or 5,6 GHz Wifi or 860 MHz RFID bands.

SENCITY® MIMO antennas for demanding Wifi networks

New Huber+Suhner SENCITY® MIMO-Antennas are compliant with the advanced IEEE 802.11n standard. These antennas are designed for next generation WiFi connectivity solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This directional MIMO antenna is built of three independent linear-polarized radiators (linear vertical and ±45° slant). The system is built of three independent omni-directional dual-band radiators with excellent isolation of 20dB  among each other. Pig-tails with N-connector allow an easy connection to your network infrastructure.

Two models available are: Directional model SPA_5600/65/9/0/MIMO for 5GHz Wifi band and omni-directional dual-band model SWA_2456/360/6/0/MIMO for 2,4 and 5 GHz band.

Antennas are available with brackets for both wall and pole mounting. Applications for these MIMO antennas are WiFi access networks for public and enterprise broadband communications, Telemetry, real time video surveillance and wireless industrial solutions.

Microsens developes its Gigabit switches


Microsens developes its switches

Gigabit 45x45 Micro Switch in the 5th Generation

Microsens is presenting the 5th generation of their well known Gigabit Ethernet Micro Switch for FTTO applications. Main benefits of the new generation are more features and 30% lower power consumption. Also new is that Microsens can offer a GbE switch with integrated 230 VAC power nsupply, which eliminates the demand for additional external power supply.

Industrial GBE Ring Switch for Power Substations

The  certification of 10port Gigabit Ethernet Ring Switch for railway applications has already been finished one year ago. Now Microsens is also able to present the certification for power substations according to IEC 61850-3. The compliance with this standard guarantees the maximum EMC stability and therefore a reliable operation, which allows e.g. power utility companies to use our switches in their power substations.

SMART QUICK-FIT compact connectors from Huber+Suhner


SMART QUICK-FIT compact connectors from Huber+Suhner

Huber+Suhner has announced SMART QUICK-FIT compact connectors that improve and extend the SMART QUICK-FIT connectors product line for corrugated foam dielectric cables by small size connectors with unique features for 7/8" cables.

Benefits and features of the new SQF compact connectors

  • Unique field assembly friendly one-piece design
  • Small size with 50 mm length and low weight of 200 g
  • Extended cable compatibility with

    • Multi-brand cable compatibility  - list can be provided
    • Multi-design cable compatibility - 7/8", 7/8" LA therefore also backward compatibility!
    • Multi-material cable compatibility - copper and aluminium
  • Simplified logistics because of compatibility features
  • Tooling support for both - stripping and easy foam separation/flaring
  • Excellent RF performance and lowest possible PIM
  • Water proof (IP68)
  • Reusable


Central Warehouse of Orbis is moved to Estonia


Central Warehouse of Orbis is moved to Estonia

Orbis Group centralizes its European logistics to Estonia. Our new warehouse in Saue opens on monday 27th April 2009. From that day forward also our warehouse in Vantaa Finland is closed. Please take notice of this change with your shipments from and to Orbis.

Huber+Suhner releases new Fiber Optic installation products: OptiBox 4 and OptiBox 4i


Huber+Suhner releases new Fiber Optic installation products: OptiBox 4 and OptiBox 4i

Huber+Suhner has released two new products for fiber optic distribution and termination in its Lisa product line. OptiBox 4 is designed for Fiber To The Home installations and OptiBox 4i is for demanding industrial environments.


  • Easy to install box with screwed cover
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • UV-resistant
  • Max. 4 adapters with SC shape (LC, LX.5, SC, E-2000TM)
  • Several cable entry possibilities
  • Dimensions: 250x150x46mm (HxWxD)
  • Temperature stability: -46°C ... +81°C



OptiBox 4





OptiBox 4i



HUBER+SUHNER: Connect with Sucoflex 400 the lowest insertion loss


HUBER+SUHNER: Connect with the lowest insertion loss

In 1984 the microwave cable family SUCOFLEX 100 from HUBER+SUHNER revolutionised the markets and to this day - 25 years later - it has held its own as leading product. Now, the new SUCOFLEX 400 family is to continue this tradition and once again sets a new standard for microwave cable assemblies with unprecedented features.

Thanks to the extensive product range and outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics, as well as unique reliability, the SUCOFLEX 100 became the top brand worldwide in the test+measurement, defence, instrumentation and space markets.

New requirements

In recent years, the requirements in these markets have undergone major changes, and have become more demanding. For example: vibration, shock, the lowest phase change in relation to temperature, rf-leakage, moisture, chemical resistance, weight, etc are of enormous importance in defence technology. In the T+M market requirements such as flexlife, small phase change vs. bending and torsion, high loss stability in the case of bending and shaking, etc have priority.

To better meet the specific market needs, HUBER+SUHNER started a major initiative with the goal of designing future products, each with a market focus. This meant nothing less than providing the tailor-made solution for each target group. Consequently, HUBER+SUHNER engineers have already successfully developed the SUCOFLEX 300 family for aerospace applications. The SUCOTEST cable family meets the needs of customers in the test + measurement market throughout the world.

SUCOFLEX 400 revolutionary

Thanks to a new, extruded ultra low density PTFE dielectric, with a dielectric constant (?r) of 1.26, the microwave cable generation SUCOFLEX 400 has what is currently the lowest insertion loss overall. Despite the high air proportion, however, the proven mechanical stability and reliability of the extruded dielectric has been preserved.

Another highlight of the very low dielectric constant is that CW power capability has been increased together with a very significant improvement in phase stability vs. temperature, which is an enormous advantage in applications such as phased array antenna systems and helps to simplify adjustment on radars.     

The SUCOFLEX 400 family was developed for applications on the ground for defence technology, medical and space measurement technology applications, where the lowest loss, high performance and best phase stability vs. temperature and vs. bending, an excellent return loss and mechanical stability are of the utmost importance.

Diverse applications

The new microwave cable assembly is the ideal solution for different applications. In defence technology, it is primarily used in tactical and strategic communications and in electronic warfare (radar systems, etc). Phase-matched cable assemblies are in particular required in radar applications. HUBER+SUHNER offers complete relative or absolute sets of phase-, time-delay- or amplitude-matched SUCOFLEX 400 cable assemblies.

The special characteristics of the new cable assembly family make it equally the preferred solution for thermal vacuum tests in satellite components or entire satellites, as well as for applications in medical systems such as high frequency ablations of cancerous ulcers or connections between high frequency generators and probes.

SUCOFLEX 400 products have been tested in accordance with the relevant MIL specifications and standards and are as a result suitable for all kinds of ground applications in defence technology. The products will be subjected to a special TVAC test programme for thermal vacuum applications.  

Unique centre-piece

SUCOFLEX 400 products are identical in design with the familiar SUCOFLEX 100 products. These have been regarded for over 20 years as extremely reliable and stable and are used in all kinds of applications. Only the new ULD - PTFE dielectric, the centre-piece of every microwave cable, has been completely redesigned and as a result has improved the electrical behaviour of the new cable. The connectors, likewise developed by HUBER+SUHNER, have been ideally adjusted to the cable in order to preserve the excellent return loss (VSWR) on the assembly.  

Market launch

SUCOFLEX 400 products will be launched in the next few months on the relevant markets. The SUCOFLEX 404 with straight male SMA connector will be available as the first product as of late October. The SUCOFLEX 406 incl. N and TNC straight male connectors will follow at the beginning of the coming year. This cable will have the lowest loss of the family and consequently be the lowest loss product up to 18 GHz on the market. In the course of 2009, the connector range will be successively expanded. This will be followed by additional thinner versions with the lowest losses for frequencies up to 40 GHz, as well as additional jackets and armour for all kinds of applications. 

Current HF systems for defence, medical and space applications must comply with the highest demands. For this reason, it is unavoidable that the accompanying connection components meet the highest demands as well. With the new SUCOFLEX 400 family, HUBER+SUHNER provides microwave cable assemblies which meet these demands.

Ingun releases new test fixture for Lab usage: MA 160


Ingun releases new test fixture for Lab usage: MA 160

To enable testing of a PC-Board during the development phase Ingun has developed a small testing unit for Lab usage.

The small Test Fixture MA 160 is based on the renowned Interchangeable Kt System from INGUN. Customising can be carried out either by INGUN or with you own resources.

The contacting force is generated by the operator pressing down the pressure frame. To ensure confortable, however, we recommend a maximum contact force of 100 N.

Wiring connections can be simply guided out of the fi xture housing trought a cut-out in the back panel.

Technical Data:

  • Overall Dimension: 288 x 183 x 94 mm (w x d x h)
  • PC-Board Size (Usable Area): 160 x 100 mm
  • Contacting Force maximal: 100 N
  • Testing Unit with Interchangeable Kit (Pressure Frame and Interchangeable Plate for Pressure Frame)
  • Contacting from below
  • no Interface
  • Weight 3,4 kg