IANOS® - Huber+Suhner announces new product line for Data Centers



In the data center there is a lot of data transmission between devices which equals to a lot of fiber optical cabling. The Data Center is a constantly changing and developing environment and therefore cabling solutions need to be modular and easy to maintain. The maintenance of fiber optical cabling is significantly easier if fiber optical cables are clearly identified and systematicly managed. The new IANOS system from Huber+Suhner is designed for this purpose.

IANOS consists of pre-assembled 2, 8, 12 and 24 fiber cable solutions with MTP connectors. The system includes best possible fiber densicity, ease of installation and scalability. Various data transmission speeds can easily be connected between from 1G up to 120G. This makes IANOS the best solution on the market for future needs.

  • High packing dencity of fiber cabling
  • Scalable to 40/100G future systems
  • Quick transfers, additions and changes
  • For 19 inch racks

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SUCOFLEX 126 and Eacon 2C / 6C


HUBER+SUHNER has enhanced its microwave cable assemblies product portfolio with the low loss and phase stable SUCOFLEX 126 cable assembly and the extended field terminated Eacon cable. SUCOFLEX 126 combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance.

SUCOFLEX 126 – 2 in 1 providing low loss and phase stability

SUCOFLEX 126 cable combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Where low loss, joined with phase and amplitude stability is required, SUCOFLEX 126 must be applied. The cable assembly is applicable up to 26.5 GHz, provides excellent return loss, phase and amplitude stability as well as low loss. A wide range of connectors and crush resistant A-ruggedisation are available.

Product benefits

  • Precise measurements with highest stability
  • Higher signal integrity due to lower loss
  • Better phase stability and enhanced return loss
  • Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Stock assemblies available

Eacon – new field terminated microwave cable assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER extends its Eacon product range with new cables and connectors such as Eacon 2C and Eacon 6C. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance. The new field terminated microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz and ready for use in the defense as well as generally in the industrial market.

Product benefits

  • Easy and time saving assembling
  • Taking on site decision regarding length and configurations
  • Extremely reliable
  • Assembling tool kits available


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New website for the new year


Orbis' website has renewed on the last day of year 2015. Site operates now better on mobile devices.

A website is never totally ready and we will keep up developing this site also in 2016.

Happy New Year!


New: Orbis LC Duplex Uniboot patch cable for data centers


New and innovative Orbis LC Dublex Uniboot patch cable creates new standard for cable density in Data Centers. Cabel in diameter 2 or 3 mm has two fibers which takes less space than common Dublex patch cable. It is also easy and quick to switch polarity in the Uniboot patch cable. Orbis Uniboot is available also with installation boot which makes it easier to operate in high dencity panels and cross-connections.

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Orbis starts to represent Anritsu optical fiber measuring devices


Since June 2015, Orbis Oy has signed a dealership agreement with Japanese equipment manufacturer Anritsu. From the wide range of Anritsu’s products Orbis is going to sell measuring devices for fiber optical cabling.

Anritsu’s measuring devices are already familiar to Finnish users and they are known for reliable quality, that’s why we are happy to include them in our product range" - says Heikki Saukko, who is responsible for fiber optic product portfolio in Orbis Oy.

Anritsu’s measuring devices, represented by Orbis Oy, now include OTDR’s, spectrum analyzers (measurements in WDM networks), power meters, light sources, videomicroscopes and fiber identifiers.

Erkka Herola, sales manager of Anritsu Finland says about cooperation with Orbis: "The purchasing of a measuring device is a long thought investment for the installation company. We support Orbis’ sales and customers with trainings and assist with selecting the most suitable device for customer needs."

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Product Manager
Orbis Oy
Harri Mutanen
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Orbis Oy Customer Service
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RFS success stories in 2014


RFS In-Tunnel and In-Building Wireless Communications Solutions
Enable Multiple New Network Deployments Worldwide in 2014

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today announced that 2014 was another record-breaking year for deployments of its RADIAFLEX® and CELLFLEX® cables and related products. The company’s market-leading passive and active in-tunnel and in-building wireless networking solutions were used by major mobile operators and integrators to deliver uninterrupted coverage and capacity in some of the most challenging indoor venues around the world, including office buildings, research centers, metro rail tunnels, road tunnels, airports, exhibition grounds, and stadiums.

Major RFS successes in 2014 included deployments in:

Algeria: A rail network for Metro Algier
Brazil: Four stadium networks for the 2014 FIFA World Cup; multi-operator wireless in-building networks for five buildings of the Administrative Center of the Government of Minas Gerais (CAMG)
China: Rail networks for DonggGuan Rail Line, Dalian Metro and Ningbo Line 1 and 2
France: A rail network for Project Orange Cameroun; an in-building network for Project Etihad Etisalat Company
Germany: In-train networks for Intercity-Express (ICE); an in-tunnel network for Metro Munich; in-building networks at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Deutsches Elektron-Synchroton (DESY), Airport Hamburg, the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, a power plant of Vattenfall, and a hospital in Villingen; as well as a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network for a street tunnel in Munich
India: A TETRA radio system for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in Delhi
Malaysia: A rail network for Metro Kuala Lumpur
Norway: Rail networks for the Oslo Metro and Lieråsen rail tunnels; a road network in the Lærdal Tunnel; and an in-building network at Tjuvholmen parking house
Philippines: In-building networks for the Huawei complex
Singapore: Rail networks for DownTown Line 3 and DownTown Line Commercial
Spain: Rail networks for Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat and Catalunya GC; an in-tunnel network for Madrid-Galicia Vigo Das Maceiras; and an in-building network for Plaza de España-Can Tobella
U.S.A.: Rail networks for Amtrak and Metro North Commuter Rail; metro networks for Los Angeles County Metro and King County Metro in Seattle, Washington

“These and other projects in 2014 are excellent examples of the flexibility our cables, jumpers, splitters, connectors and accessories provide to operators around the world for in-tunnel and in-building wireless networking,” said Peter Raabe, RFS Global Product Line Director, Transmission Lines and Wireless Indoor Solutions. “With RFS solutions, operators have a variety of options to deliver wireless service wherever their customers are and provide the quality of experience today’s end users expect at all times, whether they are sitting at a desk in an office, traveling through a tunnel on a metro train on their way to work, or enjoying a sporting event in a stadium.”

2.6 million photos in FIFA World Cup

RFS in-tunnel and in-building wireless networking solutions have been proven under the most demanding conditions. For example, fans at the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup at Maracanã Stadium in Brazil had no trouble sharing the drama on the field and the experience in the stands with friends and family over the advanced, wireless, multi-operator Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution provided by RFS. Reports released by Sinditelebrasil and the Brazilian Ministry of Communications show that the multi-technology wireless network infrastructure provided by RFS supported a data traffic volume of 1.5 Terabytes, which is equivalent to 2.6 million photos with an average size of 0.55 MB. Using cell phones, smartphones and tablets, the 74,000 fans inside the stadium generated this traffic over a seven hour period, as well as 618.725 tweets per minute and 280 million posts on Facebook.

The RFS RADIAFLEX suite of radiating cables is designed to provide wireless broadband coverage for confined areas. Each cable features RFS’ patented higher order mode suppression technique in radiating cable design. This unique design allows RFS to offer cables that support current and future in-door commercial and essential radio services from 30 MHz to 2700 MHz and above for valuable cost savings. The broadband feature enables cables to work on different bands in one single coverage system, thereby supporting multiple carriers and multiple standards. Radio signals leaked from the apertures on the radiating cable’s outer conductor provide reliable wireless coverage for confined areas.

RFS CELLFLEX foam dielectric feeder cables provide a reliable and technically superior solution when used as backbone feeders in cellular radio systems, including GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. They can also be used for DAS radio equipment interconnections and jumper assemblies. Once installed, these cables ensure uninterrupted communications with low attenuation and complete shielding. Special low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) variants are available to help maintain system integrity at all times. And a full range of flame and fire retardant feeder and radiating cables is available, which meet most stringent requirements and safety standards for indoor applications.

Distributor in Finland

Orbis Oy

Orbis expands product line to twisted pair cables


Orbis Oy expands its product portfolio for in-building network installations. Now all necessary components are available from one supplier which makes purchasing and contract work easier. The new product category named Orbis Vaski consists of twisted pair cables Cat6 and Cat6A, connection cables, connectors, tools and panel mechanics. All products are successfully tested and their working reliability during the installation of cable systems is confirmed.

Orbis has a decade’s experience in importing and manufacturing of Fiber Optic and RF technologies. Since 2014, the amount of FttH networks increased, the customer base of Orbis expands. This redounded to the demand of twisted pair cables. The new product line Orbis Vaski™ now perfectly responds to this demand.

Sales Director Anu Peussa speaks about the background of Vaski: ”We want to offer our customers all they need from one reliable place. Adding Cat cabling -products to our portfolio is a very natural development. Furthermore we already have many manufacturer contacts”.” In the beginning this product line consists of cables and accessories for in-building network specifications, but in the future Orbis Vaski™ will be extended to other applications.

Reliable deliveries and availability in stock are the decisive parts in the installing work and usage of data transmission products. The Orbis Vaski product line is easily and promptly available on the online shop and from the store located in Vantaa.


More information

Paula Meuronen
Marketing & ICT
Puh. 040 4835285
Email paula.meuronen(at)

Anu Peussa
Sales Director
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Email anu.peussa(at)

Sami Lehto
Account Manager
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Orbis Oy

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Orbis Oy in brief

Orbis Oy trades products of Fiber Optic and RF technologies in Finland, Baltic Countries and Russia. Our products are used in wide range of professional wireless and fixed data networks. Orbis' own product development and local manufacturing operations complete the service.

Orbis website is available on and web shop on

OOO Orbis Solutions opens in Moscow


OOO Orbis Solutions opens in Moscow

During the summer 2014 Orbis Oy established a new subsidiary "OOO Orbis Solutions" in Moscow, Russia. It focuses on sales of Orbis' Fiber Optic and RF network components in Russia and in CIS Countries. Since 1st of December Mr. Heikki Saukko is appointed to General Director of OOO Orbis Solutions. Mr. Saukko has 20 years of experience working with sales and R&D of network components in Orbis Oy.

"Orbis Oy has Nordic know-how and self-developed Fiber to The Antenna product line. We also recognize great potential in Russia with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Orbis has inclusive and high quality portfolio for DAS networks", explains Heikki Saukko of the background behind the new subsidiary.

Mr. Markku Linna-Aro, CEO of Orbis Oy, comments: "Right now economic situation in Russia is worrying. Our goal in Russia is set on the long term vision and we believe that current challenges are temporary".

Heikki SaukkoMore information

Heikki Saukko
General Director
+358 400 502 217

RFS signs distribution agreement with Orbis Oy in Finland


RFS signs distribution agreement with Orbis Oy in Finland

Radio Frequency Systems GmbH (RFS), a Global designer and manufacturer of cables and antenna systems, and Orbis Oy, a Finnish company which trades products of Fiber Optic and RF technologies, have signed an agreement for the distribution of RFS products in Finland. As part of the agreement, Orbis will sell the comprehensive product line of RFS.
RFS products and solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructures are ideally suited to meet the needs of telecom operators as well as vertical industry players which need data communication in their operations.

Heiko Bonn, EMEA Channel Partner Manager at RFS, states, “Orbis is considered as the leading distributor for RF equipment and accessories in Finland. We are glad, that we won with Orbis a new, deep link for our products  to Finland.”

“Orbis is focused on providing all necessary network components for Distributed Antenna Networks (DAS). Especially microwave link antennas, radiating cables and cable clamps from RFS are important addition to our offering,” says Markku Linna-Aro, CEO of Orbis.

Markku Linna-Aro and Heiko Bonn

Photo: Markku Linna-Aro, Orbis Oy (left) and Heiko Bonn, RFS

Contact information

Orbis Oy
Phone +358 20 478 8600
Email customerservice(at)

About RFS

RFS designs and manufactures cable and antenna systems as well as active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure. With operations on six continents, 7 manufacturing centers of excellence and 36 technical support and sales offices around the globe, we bring our channel partners the scale and skills of a global organization as well as local market expertise. RFS is headquartered in Villarceaux, France.

About Orbis Oy

Established in 1949 Orbis Oy trades products of Fiber Optic and RF technologies in Finland, Baltic Countries and Russia. Orbis’ products are used in wide range of professional wireless and fixed data networks. Orbis' own product development and local manufacturing operations complete the service. Orbis Oy is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland.

New Product: Narda Safety is the EU directive radiation meter is now available!


Narda Safety is the EU directive radiation meter is now available!

ELT-400 SET 7 is the magnetic field measuring device, which gives the measurement results of the EU Directive. (EMF Directive 2013/35 / EU). The device is intended for the workplace, for example, the radiation level measurement. ELT-400 SET 7 of measurement is easy and reliable.

Read more about ELT-400 SET 7 meter from product page >>

At the same time, Narda Safety Solutions has released two new NIM-meter: The NIM-511 and NIM-513. The device is specifically designed to measure the radiation in industrial environments, where, for example, korkeataajuushitsausta, glass coating, or the manufacture of semiconductors.

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